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  • Reach out and offer assistance

         The 10-year anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is upon us. We will remember those who perished on that dreadful day, and we will take time out of our busy schedules to reflect upon those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.     Although there hasn't been another major attack

  • Gen. Cotton’s 4 C’s: A course of action

         First, let me say thank you once again for the great reception you showed my family and me as we took command of the 45th Space Wing!     With my first week down and the Labor Day weekend done, I wanted to spend some time and discuss my 4 C's, which will guide the team during my time here.    

  • Sharks: Thanks for All You Do

    During our change of command in February 2010, I said having the opportunity to serve as the Commander of the 45th Space Wing was a dream come true. Well, it has been ...  and more.From day one, you've treated Lisa, Burke, Jordan and me like family.Whether it was spending time with our youngest

  • Art versus entertainment

    Why do certain songs, literary pieces, or paintings endure the test of time while others hold our attention only temporarily? Why can we remember every word of a '70s song we once loved, but we can't remember another song we heard on the radio yesterday?Because one song is art, and the other is

  • Space Coast Community: As good as it gets

    On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of attending a Military Affairs Council meeting in Merritt Island.Next week, we'll visit with members of our Brevard County Civilian-Military Council in Cocoa Beach.They will be, sadly, the last time Lisa and I get the chance to interact - and thank - our community

  • Hit the Ground Running

    It's August and that means we've officially hit the oppressive heat and humidity of the Florida summer. In addition to sunscreen, 101 Critical Days, and more frequentuse of the pool, summertime for the Air Force also means prime PCS season.Many of you that are reading this have either just PCS'd

  • Be a leader ... on and off duty

    The American people look to the military for many things to include ensuring our nation's security, preserving our way of life, as well as to serve as a model of integrity, serve and excellence. We've highlighted the actions of many in the Missileer during deployment or performing their duties here

  • Finding motivation

    Have you ever found yourself being confronted with issues in life on a regular basis such as "I don't feel like doing anything," or "I need a break." What separates those who will become successful from being status-quo is the ability to make decisions about what we will do."The measure of your

  • Drive sober, arrive alive

    There's about a month left in the 101 Critical Days of Summer and we want to talk about one item in particular, drinking and driving.Unfortunately, we've had a number of DUIs across Team Patrick over the last several months. In general, the situations haven't involved our "traditional" demographic

  • Guard and Reserve: Not just our 'backups'

    When I first arrived at Cape Canaveral Air Station in 1998, I was a young Captain on active duty. I busily prepared myself for my new job as a Range Operations Commander.During the process of learning my new job and getting oriented to the unit, I became aware of some mysterious Florida Air National