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  • Challenges won't stop Sharks

    It has been a busy few weeks. The sports challenges of last week along with the Combined Federal Campaign and the storms over the weekend have kept many of us on our toes. Our region was also surprised at the intensity of our weekend storm. I hope  there was no damage to your homes or injuries to

  • 'Choices'

    In poignant fashion, the loss of something we hold dear - life - often leads to reflection  on the importance of the choices we make or will make. The recent passing of Steve Jobs, billionaire co-founder of Apple Computer and the innovator of some truly  remarkable products such as the Macintosh

  • Wingmen, Airmen taking care of Airmen

    The 1986 movie "Top Gun" is often credited with bringing the term wingman into popular  use, but the term has been used since the beginning of combat air operations over  Europe.Today we use the term wingman to signify the importance each one of us, both military  and civilian, have in sustaining

  • Thanks for teamwork, holiday safety warning

    Let me start by saying thanks to the entire Shark Team for a successful exercise last  week. We tested many different areas and, while I was not able to see it first hand, I was constantly briefed and see that it was executed quite well. Good job!I would especially like to thank the Inspector

  • Pride of ownership

    Fall is finally here and that means some relief from the hot summer we have had over the past few months. It also means the start of a seasonal increase to our population on the Space Coast as people escape the cold of the North.As we leap into October, it is important for all members of Team

  • Being fit for your career

    Now that the new fitness program has been in place for over a year, we are truly beginning to see the fallout of those who have tested unsuccessfully.These failures are impacting career progression and opportunities as well as preventing some of our brightest Airmen from continuing their

  • Fiscal Challenges: Doing our Part

    As we work through the challenges of a fiscally constrained environment within the  Department of Defense, it is imperative that all of us be prepared for these changes in the way the DoD does business. The Air Force Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Request reflects an extraordinary effort to ensure America

  • Wingmen, a culture of responsible choices

    What is life all about? Why does one person's life or career seem to be better than others? Of course there's tragedy such as natural disasters and "freak" accidents.  Sometimes bad things happen to people which they simply cannot affect, predict, or  avoid. However, I submit to you that a majority

  • A Commitment to Teamwork

         Our nation is preparing to field an impressive array of space capabilities in the next several months.     These capabilities include a roving science laboratory that will explore the surface of Mars, navigation satellites that enhance combat power while simultaneously enabling countless

  • Launch and 9/11 Recaps

          I would first like to thank the entire team for their efforts in helping launch the NASA GRAIL mission on Saturday. I want to also congratulate our Vice Commander, Col. Rory Welch, on his first launch as the Launch Decision Authority. Once again we have proven how great the partnership is