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  • Drive sober, arrive alive

    There's about a month left in the 101 Critical Days of Summer and we want to talk about one item in particular, drinking and driving.Unfortunately, we've had a number of DUIs across Team Patrick over the last several months. In general, the situations haven't involved our "traditional" demographic

  • Guard and Reserve: Not just our 'backups'

    When I first arrived at Cape Canaveral Air Station in 1998, I was a young Captain on active duty. I busily prepared myself for my new job as a Range Operations Commander.During the process of learning my new job and getting oriented to the unit, I became aware of some mysterious Florida Air National

  • Intelligent Obedience

    In the U.S. Air Force we are allowed to think.We are all bound to follow lawful orders, of course. But except in extreme circumstances (e.g. during direct combat ops) we can evaluate our instructions in light of our professional experience and knowledge, and provide informed feedback when it is

  • An up and (very) down weekend

    Let's start with the good news.As you know, the 45th Space Wing, along with mission partners Space and Missile Center, Boeing and United Launch Alliance combined to conduct another perfect launch from Complex 37 at the Cape.A Delta IV-Medium rocket carrying the second Global Positioning System IIF

  • Celebrate Independence safely

    As always at the 45th Space Wing, safety is a critical priority. General Shelton's holiday message above reemphasizes this message. However you choose to celebrate the Fourth, Lisa and I simply ask you to do it safely. Added cautions this year are severe drought conditions and firework bans. Like

  • Let's repeat mishap-free Fourth

    We celebrate the birth of our great nation in many ways. Some of us travel to spend some time away from home, while others stay home and enjoy the holiday around the house. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this Fourth of July, know this: you are an important element of the talented,

  • Attitude (with a capital A)

    What's faster than a speeding Atlas? More powerful than a Falcon 9? Able to leap over desks to take down an unbadged intruder in a single bound? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's former 45th Launch Group Commander, Col. (Ret.) Scott Henderson. Well, that's exactly what Colonel Henderson did while

  • Spring cleaning, summer fun, safety first!

    Before we discuss some of the many improvements happening at our base, we want to talk a little bit about safety. Tuesday marked the first day of summer. While we all look forward to this season for its recreation and vacation opportunities, it's important that we don't become complacent at work or

  • Get Out to the Cape!

    Looking back over my career, I have few regrets. Included in those few are not taking the opportunity to visit significant places during past assignments. That said, I've been surprised by the number of 45th Space Wing folks who've revealed they've worked at Patrick for (sometimes, many) years, and

  • So Long Sharks

    As Antoinette and I prepare to depart the Space Coast, it's time to reflect on the relationshipswe've built and what the wing has accomplished and experienced during the past two years. We have thoroughly enjoyed our second tour here, and that has everything to do with the great people of this wing