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  • Memorial Day: A time to 'reconnect'

    As we all know, many of us will be honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice by attending one of the many Memorial Day activities Monday that will be held here on the Space Coast and throughout the nation.And that's certainly what we should be doing. It's the least we can do.But fewer and fewer

  • Change What?

    From fatigues to BDUs to ABUs. From Air Force Regulations to Air Force Instructions. Today Strategic Air Command, tomorrow Air Combat Command, the next day Air Force Space Command, the next week brings about the birth of Global Strike Command. From Missile Wings to Space Wings and back to Missile

  • To the Airmen of the United States Air Force and their Families:

    To the Airmen of the United States Air Force and their Families:As we pause this Memorial Day to honor those who have died in service of our great Nation, it is also useful to reflect on what this day of remembrance reveals about the character of our Nation and its people. History records that Major

  • Is Your Unit Prepared for End of Year?

    Your local comptroller Mr. Moneybags (aka, Major Marshall), says "Hey Sir, the wing commander just allocated your unit $250,000. You can now execute the procurement for that system furniture you had on your unit's unfunded list. I'm sure you've done the planning so you are ready to execute, right?

  • Critical Days of Summer to Save Your Skin

    Today the 45th Space Wing started our Critical Days of Summer (CDS) Campaign. This year¹s campaign is entitled "Save Your Skin."  Anyone who has been with the Air Force for any length of time knows that wing leaders and supervisors, along with the safety office, strongly promote efforts to protect

  • Achieving Balance in Our Lives

    As a mental health provider, I have observed that most people who seek care are searching for some way to achieve balance in their lives. Some questions they are trying to answer are, "How do I balance needs of my spouse and needs of the Air Force?" "How do I balance my day-to-day duties with PT,

  • Network and Installation Security More Important Than Ever

    Before we delve into this week's topic, we want to say thank you to the entire team for all they have done the past few weeks and congratulate the team for the successful launch of the first he Space Based Infrared System satellite! Truly an outstanding effort by the whole team ­ you should be

  • President, veterans and historic launches mark busy week

    Wow! April was certainly a blur for the Sharks and our Mission Partners. And May is continuing at the fast pace we set last month.President Barack Obama visited us last Friday, in hopes of seeing Endeavour's final launch. While the launch was scrubbed, we were honored to greet him and his family

  • What are you doing to make things better?

    It's easy to complain about things, personally or professionally that aren't going right. Who doesn't enjoy a good gripe session with your co-workers about how the commander "just doesn't get it" or sometimes think a decision/tasker/policy is the dumbest thing ever? Recognizing how things should

  • Personal legacy; how will you be remembered?

    As the final launch of the shuttle Endeavor reminds us, all good things must end at some point. Over the course of the next several months, many will go through transitions as the traditional Summer move cycle kicks into full gear. Others may be pondering retirement or other career options.As award