So Long Sharks

  • Published
  • By Col. James Ross
  • 45th Space Wing Vice Commander
As Antoinette and I prepare to depart the Space Coast, it's time to reflect on the relationships
we've built and what the wing has accomplished and experienced during the past two years. We have thoroughly enjoyed our second tour here, and that has everything to do with the great people of this wing (plus no big storms that start with "h"). From our neighbors on Reef Court to the people we interact with on Patrick and the Cape, you have been wonderful to
us. The warmth, hospitality, and pride of being a Shark, or a part of Team Patrick for our mission partners, comes through with every interaction we have with people here.

On the launch mission side, we've continued our 100% success record during a very
high OPSTEMPO time. This is due to your continued pursuit of perfection in preparing for and
executing our launch and range mission.

We've been honored to be a part of several firsts: Ares 1-X, Falcon 9, AEHF, OTV, GPS IIF, and SBIRS to name a few. The entire wing approached each launch with professionalism, determination, and skill. Absolutely well done!

The squadron and group commanders are doing a masterful job of taking care of our people. We've transformed the way we deliver food service on the base, opening the Riverside Dining Facility to anyone with base access. And the Medical Group is going
through a significant building renovation; the result is a world class facility for the providers and patients.

We've also had many Wingman Day events where we emphasized getting to know each other and the sacred responsibility of looking out for your Wingman.

It has been an honor to be a part of such an outstanding and award winning team. While Antoinette and I are anxious to move on to the 50 Space Wing, we will certainly miss the great people and exciting mission of the 45 Space Wing. Keep up the tremendous work, take care of each other, and continue to strive for and achieve perfection. Thank you for everything you have done to make this such a fantastic assignment!