Cape Canaveral Space Force Station Photography Policy

Revised on Oct. 28, 2022

References: (a) Space Launch Delta 45 (SLD 45) Integrated Defense Plan (IDP) 31-1 (b) Air Force Instruction (AFI) 35-101, Public Affairs Operations

1. To obtain permission to photograph, record video, reproduce, publish or sell photos on CCSFS, contact the Space Launch Delta Public Affairs Office by email at

2. Photography is not allowed on CCSFS except with written approval from the SLD 45 Chief of Public Affairs or IAW paragraph 6 of this memorandum. The term “photography” throughout this memorandum refers to, but is not limited to, still photography, remote and remotely activated image and video recording, video acquisition, digital imaging, sketching, modeling, electronic spectrum information gathering, and any other equipment able to store, reproduce in whole or part, any portion of CCSFS. It is a crime under 18 United States Code (U.S.C.) § 795 and 18 U.S.C. § 797 to photograph, reproduce, publish, sell or give away photos of defense installations without first obtaining permission from the commanding officer of the installation.

3. The use of any type of photography camera or device (to include cell phones acting as cameras) is prohibited within USAF and USSF restricted or controlled areas, as well as commercially restricted or controlled areas within military installations unless prior approval is received. Approval requests for photo and video can be submitted through writing or email to the respective public affairs/communications office, unit commander, or office representative prior to photography being taken. The proper approval must be given by the owning authority or, if there is a shared interest between USAF, USSF, and commercial entities, by all parties with the shared interest.

4. Any personnel granted permission to take photography on CCSFS are reminded that capturing images of the following without specific written approval of the Space Launch Delta 45 Chief of Public Affairs is prohibited:

  •  Areas marked “controlled” or “restricted.”
  • At entry controlled points.
  • Within the airfield environment or flight line.
  • Base security measures, including, but not limited to, fence lines, surveillance equipment, and restricted-area badges.

5. Individuals who take photography in violation of this policy and the associated photography equipment will be handled IAW Appendix 24 to Annex C to Space Launch Delta 45 IDP 31-1.

6. The following forms of image and video recording are conditionally authorized, with no requirements for a camera pass or endorsement letter. Taking or recording any photography not included in the following list will require written permission from the Space Launch Delta 45 Chief of Public Affairs.

  • CCSFS civilian employees, Active-Duty members, and CCSFS contractors conducting official duties may take photography at their individual duty locations for official purposes.
  • Images and video may be taken of launch operations from the following designated launch viewing sites: Blockhouse Complex-14, Space Launch Complex 34, Space Launch Complex 26, Museum complexes, Spacecraft Support Center, UCS-25, USCG Lighthouse, Area 31, Area 32, ICBM & Central Control Road Visitor Site, Operations Support Building II, Loop Road, ITL Causeway, Pier Road, Lighthouse Road, and other mission-specific designated viewing location as designated by the Space Launch Delta 45 Chief of Public Affairs.
  • Mission partners may take lease authorized photography of their own leased land and owned equipment for official purposes.
  • Individuals may record images and video of the following historical locations: Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and associated museum, Hangar C, Bourne Picnic Pavilion, Space Launch Complex 26, Space Launch Complex 34, Air Force Space and Missile Museum, and the Sands Space History Center.
  • Media, tour groups, and VIP groups escorted by Space Launch Delta 45 Public Affairs representative may record images and video with the approval of that representative.
  • All photography not listed in paragraph 6 of this memorandum taken on or created of CCSFS that is intended for public release must be sent to the Space Launch Delta 45 Public Affairs Office for a security and policy review before public release is permitted.
  • This memorandum supersedes all previous guidance on the same subject.