Change What?

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Jeffrey Hall
  • 45th Launch Control Group Command Chief
From fatigues to BDUs to ABUs. From Air Force Regulations to Air Force Instructions. Today Strategic Air Command, tomorrow Air Combat Command, the next day Air Force Space Command, the next week brings about the birth of Global Strike Command. From Missile Wings to Space Wings and back to Missile Wings again. From the loose and virtually effortless PT test requirements levied on us yesterday, to the rigor and discipline required to achieve a passing score today.

You should all remember the recent HYT changes that affected so many of our fellow Airmen (which was actually a return to what they were just a few years ago). And end strength fluctuations seen them several times over. This sums up just a few of the larger scale changes I've experienced during my time in uniform. There's no doubt that there are a number of factors that could drive the requirement to make a change in any given area. Some may seem somewhat fuzzy when imposed, but gain much greater focus when you look in the rearview mirror, while on the other hand you may never be satisfied with the answers you get as you ask the question 'why' or even as you perform your own independent research.

In my experiences, I could clearly understand the logic and rationale behind some, while others only compelled a complete furling of the brow and scratching of the head. At the end of the day though, decisions were made, change was implemented, and it was (and still is) up to each individual where he/she fits into the whole change management effort. No matter how unique or individualized you may feel as a person, as an Airman, or within your AFSC, in the Air Force we move about as a team.

This concept has been a staple of our success time and time again, so as change on many different scales will surely continue to affect our execution, we must be resilient, aid with implementation, and adapt accordingly.  For those who haven't accepted that yet, I'd suggest making it your next change...