Let's repeat mishap-free Fourth

  • Published
  • By Gen. William Shelton
  • Commander, Air Force Space Command
We celebrate the birth of our great nation in many ways. Some of us travel to spend some time away from home, while others stay home and enjoy the holiday around the house. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this Fourth of July, know this: you are an important element of the talented, professional team that is Air Force Space command. We need each and every one of you to do our mission well.

Last year, we had a great holiday weekend with no reportable safety mishaps. Let's repeat that same performance this year. I need your help to make that a reality. Some things I'd like you to think about as you enjoy the holiday. Don't drink and drive. It's that simple: just don't do it. Nothing good can come of it. You are a danger to yourself and others. And back to paragraph 1: we need you!

The warm weather and holiday bring out the motorcycle riders among us. Please ride carefully - with your protective gear on - and defensively. And watch the goofballs around you who aren't watching you. If you're driving a car or a motorcycle on a trip over the Fourth, please monitor your level of fatigue. Remember: fatigued driving is equivalent to driving under the influence in terms of your reaction times, etc.

Finally, think about the activities you're participating in. Is it too risky? Am I really bulletproof? I think we all know the answer to that question, so let's gauge our activities with the thought that none of us are bulletproof. We have the distinct pleasure of serving a wonderful nation in the greatest Air Force on the planet.

I appreciate your service to our nation, and I look forward to a safe, enjoyable holiday alongside you. And thank you for helping this command produce excellence: global and beyond!