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  • Why I started to prioritize self care

    I always want to do more, be better, and continue contributing to the team. However, in order to do all of that, I was forgetting to take care of one key element – me.
  • Age is just a number

    Airman 1st Class Samuel Becker learns a valuable lesson in basic training.
  • The hardest months of my life

    I couldn’t believe my husband was about to leave. We were 19 years old, recently married, and had just moved to California. It was hard leaving my parents, but with him by my side, I was optimistic. But there I stood, waiting to say goodbye to my best friend for seven months.
  • 45 FSS competes for Air Force’s best dining facility

    “The Best Never Rest” is not just the 45th Force Support Squadron’s motto, it’s the ticket to success in Air Force Food Service Operations.
  • Martin Luther King Jr., his life, his legacy

    At the 45th Space Wing and around the military, we commemorate many courageous individuals who’ve made tremendous impacts on our great nation. During the month of January, one of those individuals we celebrate the life and accomplishments of is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was an activist and
  • January is Mental Health Awareness Month

    MENTAL WELLNESS DEFINEDThe World Health Organization defines mental wellness as “a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” FOUR DIMENSIONS OF MENTAL WELLNESS Thoughts Bodily
  • January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

    WHAT IS HUMAN TRAFFICKING?A form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to exploit/control victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or labor services against his or her will.TraffickersLure people by promising a high-paying job, a loving relationship, or new and exciting opportunities.  In other
  • December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month

    Drunk and drugged driving is a deadly epidemic, yet it still continues across the United States.  In addition to the human toll, drunk driving takes a toll on our country. The financial impact is devastating, based on 2010 numbers, the most recent year for which cost data is available, impaired driving crashes cost the United States $44 billion
  • Here's to the holidays -- and your health!

    The holiday season is mostly know as a time of joy and happiness. Whether it is enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and wrapping up in some blankets to escape the cold, the holiday season is enjoyable for many.However, unfortunately, there are many people who feel quite the opposite. For some, the holiday season can be frustrating, stressful, and even
  • Changes are coming to TRICARE: Are you ready to take command of your health?

    Changes are coming to your TRICARE benefit beginning Jan. 1, 2018. These changes will give you more benefit choices, improving your access to care, simplifying cost shares and allowing you to take command of your health. “Taking command of your health means empowering you to make the right health care and coverage choices for you and your family,”