Spring cleaning, summer fun, safety first!

Patrick AFB, Fla. -- Before we discuss some of the many improvements happening at our base, we want to talk a little bit about safety. Tuesday marked the first day of summer. While we all look forward to this season for its recreation and vacation opportunities, it's important that we don't become complacent at work or at home. We must all remember to stay safe, cool, alert and smart for a successful season.
Please don't forget we are well into the 101 Critical Days of Summer. Safety is always priority one in the launch business. It is also priority one in our personal lives. Stay safe both on and off duty, in everything you do. Don't drink and drive. Use Airmen Against Drunk Driving resources or another designated non-drinking driver. Don't use a cell phone or text while driving. Wear your seatbelt. Take precautions to avoid heat stress. Avoid all risky behavior. Remember, safety is an attitude and we should all have one!

Now, let's turn to some of the improvements happening around the base: The Air Force Technical Applications Center broke ground June 17 on its new Headquarters complex. With a Congressional allocation of $158 million, it's the Air Force's largest construction this year. The complex will include a 276,000-square-foot multi-story headquarters and warehouse, a 38,000-square-foot analysis laboratory, a central utility plant, and a parking garage. Needless to say, the AFTAC team has been anxious to get this project underway. Wednesday, we cut the ribbon for the new Radar Open Systems Architecture 0.134 radar, located on the beach south of The Tides. This is the first ROSA radar to be fielded on either the Eastern or Western Range. It features a new transmitter and antenna feed, and four times the output power of the legacy system it replaces. The new system also provides radar imaging capabilities. ROSA is part of a major modernization program for the Range's radar system. Range modernization will drive reduced operations and maintenance (O&M) and support costs, increased reliability, and decreased turnaround time between operations. We have completed resurfacing of roads and the Patrick runway, made major improvements to the Base Operations/PAX Terminal drainage system, facelifts to the Base Theater and Cape water tower, completing the Satellite Operations Support Facility at the Cape, are renovating beach bathrooms, and opened a snack bar at the Blockhouse. In short, we have been busy raising the bar on both our mission and quality of life assets.

Take some time to enjoy them this summer. As always, thanks for all you do.