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Welcome to the Patrick Space Force Base Legal Office
Phone:  321-494-2281/854-2281 or 321-494-7357
Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 0800-1600
Thursday we're closed: 1300-1400
Friday:  0800-1400 
Closed every third Friday of each month for Delta Training Days. The Legal Office is also closed for Federal Holidays, base Down Days, and base Family Days.
PLEASE NOTE:  Our office experiences very high call volume due to the very close ties between Patrick SFB and the surrounding communities.  If you cannot reach us by phone or leave a voicemail, you can also contact us by email at:
We are located at 1201 Edward H White II St, Suite S117 (SLD 45 Headquarters, Building 423), Patrick SFB, FL 32925-3242
Our Mission:  We provide top-notch legal solutions to Team Patrick-Cape through exceptional customer service, innovative teamwork, and unparalleled professionalism to ensure good order and discipline and 100 percent mission success.
The legal office provides legal services to those eligible for legal assistance.  We will request current status, and check ID card(s) prior to providing assistance to you.  IAW AFI 51-304,  Eligible persons include:

*         Active Duty
*         Retired (currently drawing retired pay)
*         Dependents of Active Duty and Retired members with ID card
*         Reservists/National Guard/ROTC Cadets on federal active duty status under Title 10, Title 32.
*         Inactive Reservists or National Guard members subject to federal mobilization will only be provided with deployment-related legal assistance
*         Commissioned corps of Public Health Service officers who are on active duty or receive retired pay.
INELIGIBLE: Retired Reservists Note:  Once a person is 60 years old and drawing retired pay, that person is eligible and should possess a retiree ID Card.
INELIGIBLE: Disabled American Veteran (DAV) Medically Retired or VA Benefits only veterans.
INELIGIBLE:  Civilian and contract employees.  Only eligible if deploying or in a theater of operations, but only to prepare and execute wills and deployment-related powers of attorney. 
For more information on available legal services, or to set up an appointment to speak with an attorney, call the Patrick SFB Legal Office at 321-494-7357 or 321-494-2281.

DOD ID Numbers Required for Legal Assistance 
Due to a recent system change, DOD ID numbers are now required for all legal assistance appointments.  For current military members, this number is located on your CAC.  If dependents wish to receive legal services, they will need their sponsor's DOD ID number to be assisted.
Retirees may retrieve their DOD ID number at (if they do not know it).  Spouses of retirees wishing to receive legal services must also have their sponsor's DOD ID number in order to receive legal assistance. 
Our primary goal and first priority is to ensure active service members and their families are prepared for deployment.  The legal office works with deploying members to ensure their legal readiness.  This includes the preparation of wills, advance medical directives (living will and medical power of attorney), general/special powers of attorney, and assisting in arrangement to help support service members and their families.  For legal resources, issues, and questions, please call our office or refer to the Air Force Legal Assistance website at:
Legal Assistance/Will Appointments
The Legal Office attorneys offer advice on a variety of topics during a Legal Assistance appointment. Please contact us to make sure that your issue is a topic the attorneys are eligible to discuss. Legal Assistance is by appointment only. We offer Spanish intake forms for our Spanish speaking patrons. To schedule an appointment, call 321-494-7357 or 321-494-2281 during the posted hours of operation Monday – Friday.

Wills, advanced medical directives, and healthcare POAs are also by appointment only.  All three can be executed in one appointment. Please call for available dates and times of appointments.  When scheduling a will appointment, clients must provide the legal office with their Will Worksheet ticket number.  Clients can obtain a ticket number by completing a Legal Worksheet at the Air Force Legal Assistance website at:  If you are unable to complete the worksheets online, you may visit our office to obtain a paper will worksheet set. Clients choosing paper worksheets will only have an appointment scheduled when the completed worksheets are brought back to the office. We ask all clients to follow the instructions completely and thoroughly answer each question.  This will help avoid delays on the day of your appointment. Our office DOES NOT do any type of Trust. Please see a civilian attorney of your choosing to discuss and plan a Trust.
Tardiness Policy
If you are 15 minutes late to a scheduled appointment, your appointment is considered canceled. Please call our office BEFORE your appointment if you need to reschedule or cancel. If you need directions to our office, please contact us BEFORE your appointment so that you don’t become tardy. We recommend that clients plan to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time.

Notary/Power of Attorney Service
Notary services are completed on a walk-in basis during normal duty hours Monday – Friday. Documents to be notarized must be complete but unsigned. Clients will need their military ID in order to verify identity for signatures. Powers of Attorney (POAs) are accomplished on a walk-in basis during our normal duty hours Monday - Friday.  Clients may also generate a Power of Attorney through the Air Force Legal Assistance website at:, by selecting "Legal Worksheets" and clicking the "Create Power of Attorney (POA) Worksheet" button.  Once the POA worksheet is complete, clients should make note of the generated ticket number for the document and provide it to the legal professional at the time of their visit. Only the legal office can generate the complete POA from the ticket number. The office will notarize the POAs they produce.

Victim-Witness Assistance Program
The Staff Judge Advocate, on behalf of the Space Launch Delta 45 Commander, manages the Installation Victim-Witness Assistance (VWAP) Program. The legal office's VWAP Coordinator is in a unique position to provide irreplaceable support to those service members and families who are victimized by crimes under the UCMJ. The VWAP Coordinator assists victims and witnesses though the Military Justice system, from incident to disposition, and works with many other agencies on Patrick-Cape. They can be reached at the 321-494-2281 or 321-494-7357.
Feedback Survey
Please provide feedback on our services at , by selecting the “feedback” link and completing all the required information. Any feedback is valued by our office in order to offer Patrick Space Force Base and our surrounding communities with the utmost quality service.
Last Updated: Dec 2023

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Helpful Worksheets

Designation of Health Care Surrogate 
Living Will Declaration 
Will Worksheet 

Area Defense Counsel

Area Defense Counsel (MacDill Air Force Base, Fla.) 
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