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Get Out to the Cape!

CAPE CANAVERAL AFS, Fla. -- Looking back over my career, I have few regrets. Included in those few are not taking the opportunity to visit significant places during past assignments. That said, I've been surprised by the number of 45th Space Wing folks who've revealed they've worked at Patrick for (sometimes, many) years, and have never been out to see Cape Canaveral Air Force Station!

Obviously, the Cape is the hub of the 45 SW operational mission. Additionally, CCAFS is the site of an incredibly rich history; beginning in the 1800s,  when the community of Cape Canaveral formed its roots around the Lighthouse which stands to this day; as well as being the birthplace, in the mid-20th century, of our nation's incredible and unsurpassed space
program. Add in miles of pristine central Florida shoreline, and an amazingly diverse native wildlife population, and it quickly becomes apparent what an amazing place the Cape is.

Unfortunately, CCAFS access is not always easy. Due to the criticality and sensitivity of the
work performed here, a special badge is required to enter the installation. Because of this, the Cape's rich history lesson has been largely inaccessible to many wing and mission  partner personnel, as well as the public at large.

The wonderful news is, change is coming! In the not-too-distant future, 45 SW Public Affairs will begin a three-day-a-week, free, open-to-the-public tour of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The tour will provide a deep and comprehensive look at the history of the Cape, our nation's space program, and a glimpse into the current and future missions on the Eastern Range.

I've been blessed, over the past year, to be entrusted as the Commander of Detachment 1,
45th Mission Support Group; the team serving as the day-to-day "caretakers" of this incredible place. To each member of the Det 1 team, a deep and heartfelt "Thank You" for the wonderful year we've just experienced. It's been an honor and privilege serving with each of you.

Next month, my family and I depart the Cape for the next leg of our Air Force adventure. I
leave this tour with no regrets; my experience has been fantastic! If you've not had the chance, please take advantage of the upcoming CCAFS tour, and get an "up-closeand-
personal" look at this amazing place!