Network and Installation Security More Important Than Ever

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Ed Wilson
  • Commander, 45th Space Wing
Before we delve into this week's topic, we want to say thank you to the entire team for all they have done the past few weeks and congratulate the team for the successful launch of the first he Space Based Infrared System satellite! Truly an outstanding effort by the whole team ­ you should be proud!

Now, let's talk about network and installation security. We are all guardians of our cyber safety and security. And that means each of us is pulling "guard duty" every day. In the cyber domain, being less than vigilant is not an option, especially in the current environment.
Security experts are warning users about a continuing rise in cyber crime and scams. Recent reviews across the Air Force and DoD also confirm a similar trend target at national security information and data.

Our Installation Security Advisory Group and Space Communications Squadron issue Tips of the Week. It's important that we all read and heed the advice in these tips.
If you receive an email with a link or attachment that looks suspicious, but is from a person or company you know, call that person or company and ask if they did, in fact, send it to you prior to opening it.

And when it comes to connecting devices that are expressly forbidden, like USB drives and anything that contains flash memory, don't use them. Period.

It is as dangerous to our network as a person abandoning their post while on guard duty.
Adversaries collect intelligence through a variety of means. They get information using the least risky methods until an item or source of information is identified. Once intelligence is identified they exploit the information to gain advantage or impede mission effectiveness.
Continually thinking and incorporating Operational Security and Information Protection in our daily routines makes it more difficult for the adversary to gain any advantage against you or the mission.

Security is a team effort, we're only as strong as our weakest link. Your diligence in promptly reporting concerns and adhering to our security policies and procedures will only bolster our national security.

If something appears out of the norm, doesn't look right or feel right it usually isn't right. Please take the time to report it. Contact the Comm Focal Point at 494-2666.
The important thing is to remain vigilant and get involved. Security is everyone's business!

As always, thank you for all you do.