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  • A sexual assault survivor’s view: time to take control

    Editor's note: This is part six of an eight-part series about sexual assault awareness.After a sexual assault many years before, I had begun having frequent nightmares, which left me exhausted night after night. When the exhaustion made it difficult to deal with even the normal stresses of career and family, let alone the compounded stress of a
  • Antigua Air Station; 100% success, every time

    --"Silver 91 on the horizon, successful support."--"Copy Silver 91, thanks for your support."This dialogue exchange has been repeated after every launch supported by Antigua Air Station. The 45th Operations Group Detachment 1 has required -- and its men and women have provided -- 100 percent mission success every time.How Antigua Air Station
  • A sexual assault survivor’s view: Don’t let fear stand in the way

    Editor's note: This is part five of an eight-part series about sexual assault awareness.In the past when I went to mental health, I was looking for a quick fix so I could sleep better, having lived for years with recurring nightmares brought on by a previous sexual assault. After self-reflection, I realized my real goal was to control my emotions.
  • A sexual assault survivor's view: Don't give up

    Editor's note: This is part four of an eight-part series about sexual assault awareness.In November 2012, I returned to work after taking leave from the Air Force for a month and a half. During my absence, I used mental health services to reduce my stress due to my son's hospitalization and my recurring nightmares of a sexual assault that happened
  • 'Control the Controllables'

    I want to start by congratulating everyone who was recognized at the 45th Space Wing Awards Banquet March 7. Special congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all who played a role in making it a very special evening for 'Team Patrick-Cape' and our mission partners.I also want to thank Gen. William Shelton for taking the time to visit us. Not only
  • Beyond the statistics: A lifetime of consequences from drinking, driving

    The Air Force dedicates significant time and resources to educate Airmen on the dangers of driving under the influence. Nearly 30 people in the U.S. die in alcohol-impaired driving crashes every day; one every 48 minutes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The statistics are sobering. For many people's lives untouched by a
  • A hearty 'Shark Pride' welcome to Gen. Shelton

    First off, let me welcome Gen. William Shelton, commander, Air Force Space Command, as he visits Team Patrick-Cape early next week.Gen. Shelton is a leader who not only understands every aspect of what we do here; he shares his views often on the vitally important work we do for our nation. I heard him do just that recently during the Air Force
  • The Value of Continuing Education

    One important chapter out of any Air Force or civilian Career Guide is learning to be an expert in your chosen field. To accomplish this requires four elements: core training, continuing education, discipline and the ability to think beyond the pages of a manual. Our Air Force core training comes from technical schools, on-the-job training, or
  • A sexual assault survivor’s view: I need to recover, but I’m in a bad spot

    Editor's note: This is part three of an eight-part series about sexual assault awareness.After I told my supervisor of the sexual assault, a strange tension began between us. A few weeks later, my son became ill. All of a sudden, I had three major stresses ... lack of good sleep and nightmares, an unfamiliar stressed relationship with my
  • Black History Month: Awareness and Understanding

    We are now in the middle of Black History Month here at the 45th Space Wing and all across our country.To start, let me offer a heart-felt thanks to Capt. Jarvora Duncan, and his team of volunteers, for organizing the Wing's BHM events. We still have two big events coming up: The Gospel Extravaganza held 7 p.m. Feb. 22 at the South Chapel, and the