What Is Your Testimony?

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Greg Jones
  • Commander, 45th Force Support Squadron
I grew up in a religious family and had to go to church every Sunday whether I wanted to or not. On Sunday evenings we would have testimony service where people would get up and talk about some of the challenges they overcame and / or gave thanks for some good things that happened in their life. Either way, in order to have a testimony, each person had to go through a test.

Speaking of going through a test, the wing will be tested when the AFSPC/IG pays us a visit next week. While I'm certain the IG will find a well prepared team of warriors ready to demonstrate how we prepare to launch rockets and provide the support required to make it happen, we still have to go through the test.

Each unit will be tested on their particular mission be it defending the base, providing medical care, or ensuring the range is operational.

While we will have to wait until the out brief to get our rating, the wing still has a testimony it can proclaim right now.

We can proclaim that despite a multi-million dollar budget shortfall we've been able to continue launching rockets. Despite civilian furloughs, reductions in force and sequestration we've still been able to accomplish the mission and we have not had to involuntarily separate any civilian employees.

Despite going weeks without a cleaning contract, unit personnel rallied together to ensure restrooms and common areas were cleaned. With all of this in mind, the IG rating will simply solidify what we already know -- the 45th Space Wing is one team, delivering assured space launch, range and combat capabilities for the nation.

So what test are you facing? Do the holidays have you stressed out? Are you concerned with an upcoming PT test or promotion board? Are you nervous about a pending retirement or separation?

Whatever it is just know that you have what it takes to succeed. After you've gone through the test don't forget to give your testimony because it can encourage others to hang in there.