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  • The key to our future success

    Team Patrick-Cape,Let me offer a heartfelt thanks to all who played a part in yet another successful launch from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station last week, once again showing the world why we are the "World's Premier Gateway to Space."This time, we successfully launched a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket topped with
  • A Sexual Assault Survivor's View: What Did I Survive?

    Editor's note: this is part two in an eight-part series about sexual assault awareness.I am a survivor of a traumatic sexual assault. I was raped 20 years ago, and I still relive the rape when reminders trigger my memories. It took me 19 years to disclose the details of my assault outside my immediate family. An Airman I knew in technical training
  • A sexual assault survivors view: trigger for survivors

    Editor's note: This is part one of an eight-part series about sexual assault awareness.For the first time in seven years, I attended Sexual Assault Awareness Training. It was a major milestone for me. Stepping back in time (I was sexually assaulted in 1993), in 2004 the Air Force released a training video which was mandatory viewing and training
  • Wingman Vigilance

    By now, we have all heard throughout our careers that "All Airmen are sensors," and as Airmen we are expected to be vigilant and sound the alarm if something does not seem right or if we witness suspicious activity. This type of vigilance has become critical in ensuring our bases remain free from attacks over the years. However, have you ever
  • Deliberately developing our people

    As I write this, members of Team Patrick-Cape are busily preparing themselves for the launch of NASA's Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-L mission scheduled Thursday evening aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Launch Complex 41 here at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.This spacecraft will provide tracking, telemetry, command and
  • Got Alcohol? Then Don't Ride

    Riding motorcycles sober is dangerous enough. Riding under the influence is suicidal. Those who have tried it and survived (including me) are just lucky. First, consider thenatural resting position of a motorcycle is on its side. Don't believe me?Try walking away from your bike without putting the kickstand down -- I didthat once. Then consider all
  • A look back at '13; A look ahead to '14

    Dear Team Patrick-Cape,I want to be among the fi rst to welcome you back from what I hope was a wonderful, restful holiday season. No matter where you went or what you did, I hope you were able to recharge your batteries and get ready for what promises to be another exciting year on the Space Coast.What a great way to kick off 2013, with yet
  • Wishing you a very ‘Happy Holiday’ season

    First off, let me say thanks for all the hard work you did in getting ready for the Unit Effectiveness Inspection we just completed with the Inspector General Team from Air Force Space Command.In my mind, I see an OUTSTANDING team of professionals who comprise all of Team Patrick-Cape, and I could not be more proud of your achievements, both before
  • No Bad Wingmen

    In too many mishap investigations we find out there were other Airmen present. Some were in a position to physically intervene or at least say, "knock it off," andpotentially prevent the mishap person from dying or sustaining severe injuries; but for some reason they chose not to. Law enforcement calls these negligent bystanders witnesses. I call
  • What Is Your Testimony?

    I grew up in a religious family and had to go to church every Sunday whether I wanted to or not. On Sunday evenings we would have testimony service where people would get up and talk about some of the challenges they overcame and / or gave thanks for some good things that happened in their life. Either way, in order to have a testimony, each person