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  • Ethical rules for gift giving among government personnel

    Permanent change of station season is approaching and offices may ask for donations for going-away gifts for government employees and military members. Despite the desire to be gratuitous, you should be mindful that there are ethical rules and guidelines that must be followed when asking for donations in an office that has at least one subordinate.
  • People provide the vision

    (Editor's Note: This commentary is May's submission and is part of a monthly series from Innovate Now! Team) Ideas for innovation come from your wisdom, experience, and fit into the future vision by creating it. Never before has leadership been so open to your innovative solutions. Many recommendations submitted to the "Innovate
  • Really proud to be an American

    We live in the best country on the planet. How do I know this? It's more than just a hunch.Over the past five weeks, I had the distinct honor and privilege to attend a joint professional military education program known as CAPSTONE. The course is designed for 1-star generals and admirals from all service components, and the education is priceless.
  • AFPSC commander sends Memorial Day safety message

    Memorial Day weekend is the first big weekend of the summer. It is my hope that this Memorial Day finds you and your families safe, healthy and happy, which is why this year's AFSPC Critical Days of Summer goal is zero fatalities. One life lost, one severe injury, is too much. In order to heighten safety awareness during the summer months, the Air
  • Enhancing battlefield control for the nation

    I write this commentary on the eve of yet another successful launch, this time a Delta IV carrying a GPS satellite. Every time we launch a payload, I see the men and women of the 45th Space Wing demonstrating the utmost professionalism in executing their mission. In fact, we execute it so well, sometimes it almost seems routine. But, it's not,
  • Winning with people: Play the cards you were dealt

    It took me quite a while to understand how the adage: "play with the cards you were dealt" had anything to do with supervision. A smart person may think it means using their employees where they can contribute the best. However, putting that into action with my staff was nearly impossible.Senior Airman Thursday was disorganized; always missed
  • Politics in the military

    Military and civilian employees of the Air Force are subject to special restrictions when it comes to partisan political activity. While we are encouraged to participate in the democratic process, we must be careful to do so within the rules set by Federal law as well as Department of Defense and Air Force regulations. These rules are designed to
  • Safety tips for critical days of summer

    Winter clothes are packed away, children will soon be home for summer break, and more people will likely be outdoors. While many look forward to the summer; historically, there is potential for increased mishaps and accidents. The Department of Defense designated May 23 through Sept. 2, as the time period to mark the 2014 Critical Days of Summer
  • New lightning warning areas

    The 45th Space Wing is scheduled to roll out an innovative new lightning warning process May 15. The new warning areas optimize the balance between personnel safety, operational downtime, and resource protection for Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center. The new warnings will not individually list each facility being
  • ‘Adapt or Perish’

    If you have deployed to Afghanistan, I suspect you would agree when I say that the motto: adapt or perish; truly captures the general tone of the deployment. Essentially, the phrase provides a level of leadership expectation and guidance as threats of insurgency are real, and failure to adapt could severely impact the mission or have a deadly