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  • Giving Thanks for Atlas V and MAVEN Mission Success

    Just over a week ago, the 45th Space Wing and our mission partners sent the MAVEN spacecraft into a heliocentric transfer orbit on the way to Mars. We basically lifted and accelerated a 5,410-pound chunk containing some of the most precise and sensitive science instruments ever built and hurtled it away from the earth really, really fast in a very
  • Be Thankful; Be 'Extra' Safe This Weekend

    Team Patrick-Cape,I don't have to tell you this has been a very troubling and trying year for many of you, for our "Civilian Airmen" who had to deal with a lot of things they had no control over ... and more recently, for our civilian and uniformed members who are grieving the loss of teammates in 3 of our units.Still, in the face of it all, you
  • Honoring Veterans, Half a world away!

    In America, Veterans Day is a time to remember those who took a noble calling to defend and protect the United States. On Ascension Island, 45th Operations Group, Detachment 2, plays an important role in the annual "Remembrance Day" ceremony honoring veterans of both the United States and England. In preparation for this event there were two
  • Wing CC: So proud to be your commander

    Congrats to "Team Patrick-Cape" for once again answering the bell this week and coming out swinging. Like I predicted last week, you hit the home-run we were looking for.Not only did we successfully launch NASA's MAVEN mission from Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Monday afternoon, we also did a tremendous job during Air Force
  • The Rearview; A Leadership Perspective

    How effective is leadership without a vision? Vision is a main pillar of leadership, so great leaders must also be visionaries. A visionary is described as a person with keen foresight who thinks about the future or advancements in creative and imaginative ways.One of my most infl uential leaders said, "In order to have great ideas, you must have
  • Getting Ready to show off: Twice!

    Team, even as we continue to try to get back to some sort of "normalcy" here at the 45th Space Wing, especially after all we've been through these past few weeks, we still need to keep our eyes on what's just around the corner.As I'm sure you are all well aware, we recently got the official notification from the Air Force Space Command's Inspection
  • Government Shutdown Status

    At Patrick AFB and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, every activity being worked, and many facilities or services that are open, are mission essential in support of launch operations. Some of the services you see open are NAF or non-appropriated funds; therefore, these services are not funded by congress' annual appropriations. Services such as
  • When to Seek Help

    We all have breaking points. Imagine you are wearing a backpack that is being filled with weights. Some of us might collapse at 50 pounds, some of us at 150 pounds, and some of us might make it to 500 pounds, but at some point we will all collapse no matter how much we would like to stand upright. The same is true for our mental wellbeing.If you
  • Times are Tough: Remember: 'Never leave an Airman Behind'

    No one in the 45th Space Wing or throughout our Air Force wanted a lapse in appropriations to occur. Now that it's happened, there is no telling when Congress will pass the Continuing Resolution to fund annual appropriations. It is my fervent hope that by the time you read this article, all of this will be behind us.However, as I write this, we are
  • JSTARS participates in counter UAV exercise

    Recently, the 605th Test and Evaluation Squadron Detachment 2, Melbourne, Fla., utilized the T3 JSTARS test jet to perform a tactics development & evaluation (TD&E) during an exercise at Naval Base Ventura County, in Oxnard, Calif. Tactics development and testing during the exercise was supported by the JSTARS Test Force (JTF); a combined group of