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  • Shaping the Air Force's future through our Airmen

    Winning the Global War on Terrorism wouldn't be possible without Airmen stepping up to the challenge. It also wouldn't be possible without the supervisors who lead and mentor them. But, the real key to success lies with the first line supervisors - staff sergeants and technical sergeants. Your

  • Changing times equal training time

    It's been said before that: "The only real constant is change."Keeping up with change is one reason why we heartily emphasize training and exercises. But please don't underestimate the impact that practicing has on your ability to carry out our missions.Right now, our Air Force has about 33,000

  • Changes sparked improvements for our patients

    Process improvements are a large part of the 45th Medical Group's culture. In 2007 we invested time and resources that produced initiatives benefiting our patients and employees. Every element has something to be proud of, but there were a few projects particularly noteworthy.One initiative dealing

  • Records? What records? Whose records?

    Can you tell me who has the greatest responsibility for maintaining your personnel records? Is it your orderly room, the Military Personnel Flight, your first sergeant, supervisor or commander? Is it someone else? If you said "me" you're absolutely correct!While all those others should help maintain

  • New Services card opens door to worlds of fun

    Our Services Division is truly at your service! They've started a can't miss promotion with a new Services Advantage Card for you and your families that can pump up the fun quotient and enhance your quality of life...while literally saving you money, too. This program is just one of the many ways we

  • The Kitty Hawk of the Space Age

    Sharks, the milestones just keep coming! Last September, our Air Force celebrated its 60th year of existence. Earlier this week, Bettye Krieter of our Human Space Flight Support Office marked her 60th year of government service. Next week, on Jan. 31 we will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the

  • Investing today to ensure tomorrow

    The budget is going to get bigger next year. Start making plans on how we'll spend the windfall. Well, not exactly...instead, it looks as if we are once again heading into an extremely challenging year as we try to maintain America's edge while fulfilling the Air Force's top priorities: fighting and

  • Sharks, I am asking because I care

    I directed our 45th Space Wing Equal Opportunity office to conduct a wing-wide climate assessment schedule to start Jan 29. I know we are inundated with surveys and often the time committed to completing a survey is not rewarded. However, I want to assure you that I am determined to address the

  • Knockin' the ball out of the park every day (part 3)

    As the Mission Support Group's Detachment 1 commander at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Col. Mark Bontrager asked me to take some time to brag about the huge effort that goes into keeping the Cape running - ensuring our Nation's access to space. Every day, thousands of people ensure that the

  • Setting goals or making resolutions?

    Did you make New Year's resolutions for 2008? Are you still on track? If you are, you are better off than most people who make a resolution. If you've already broken your resolution don't lose hope. There are many reasons behind failed resolutions. Most people claim that a lack of discipline, time