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  • The end is only the beginning

    Remember that new computer, new car or new camera you recently researched, anguished over and finally bought last weekend? More than likely, it's probably out-of-date by the time you're reading this. Obviously, I'm exaggerating a little, but not as much as some of us would like to think.The exponential changes in technology just over the past few
  • Transformation can be an opportunity

    For our service, which was born of a revolution in technology and doctrine, transformation is fundamental to who and what we are. Transformational change is coming to the way supplies and services are acquired at the installation level in our Air Force through an initiative called "Installation Acquisition Transformation" or IAT.In Fiscal year
  • You can't find all the answers in a manual

    Whether you're buying a brand-new car, an upgraded computer system or a high-tech toy for a three-year-old child, you're almost always guaranteed to get a very thorough owner's manual and operating instructions explaining - often in painstaking detail - the proper use, care and warnings associated with your new purchase.Get a new employee and you
  • Fitness is important, but don't hurt yourself

    With Air Force physical fitness standards incorporated into annual performance evaluations, physical fitness has become serious business. Recently, overly aggressive training has become a trend, causing a noticeable increase in number of fitness-related injuries.Well-designed exercise programs balance aerobic (cardiovascular), resistance and
  • Taking care of our people

    The Air Force has been very consistent in staying focused on three priorities: win today's fight, take care of our people and prepare for tomorrow's challenges.Most of us get the first and third today's fight. Our priority is to win the Global War on Terror, and prepare for tomorrow's challenge...making sure our Air Force is
  • Effective communication is the key

    Person 1: "Hey, did you get my message and get that task done for the boss?" Person 2: "No, when did you call?" Person 1: "I didn't call. I sent you an e-mail!" Does this sound familiar? Have you ever felt like saying, or actually said, "Just because you sent an e-mail doesn't mean I got it, and obviously it wasn't important enough for you to
  • Annual awards show off our finest

    I can't begin to tell you how proud Chief Vannorsdall and I both were to participate in Saturday night's Annual Awards Banquet. It was a first-rate event and I want to personally congratulate everyone nominated to win the big prize. All of you are among the best of the best and that makes competition fierce.Prior to the announcement of the final
  • 'Comfort' zones are no comfort

    We recently celebrated a historic event that occurred 50 years ago with the launch of Explorer 1, carrying America's first satellite. Given that the Soviets had beaten America into space with the launch of two Sputnik satellites in 1957, many people felt America was losing the space race. The pioneers who made the Explorer 1 mission possible
  • Another opportunity to excel

    Yesterday, we rallied for our Guardian Challenge team who will represent us at the Peterson AFB in April. Guardian Challenge is the world's premier space and missile competition. Participants from each of Air Force Space Command's 15 wings and one center will be involved in the overall competition. The competition will determine the best ICBM,
  • Shaping the Air Force's future through our Airmen

    Winning the Global War on Terrorism wouldn't be possible without Airmen stepping up to the challenge. It also wouldn't be possible without the supervisors who lead and mentor them. But, the real key to success lies with the first line supervisors - staff sergeants and technical sergeants. Your day-to-day interaction with these young men and women