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  • Assessing enlisted performance

    Our Air Force has recently implemented a new enlisted performance system along with a new feedback system. The new forms leverage the strengths of our feedback process and aim to be less cumbersome and more responsive. They have also driven hard questions about how to curb EPR inflation while not hurting our enlisted troops.I've found it helpful to
  • Remembering Gen. Morrell, veterans

    Sharks, as we approach the Veterans Day weekend it is important that we remember to say thank you to military veterans (active and retired) still with us and to salute the memory of those no longer here. Tuesday, we had the distinct privilege of saluting the life and legacy of the legendary Air Force leader Maj. Gen. Jimmey R. Morrell by renaming
  • Unfinished end-of-year business

    The calendar year is flying by, but we still have important unfinished business to attend to before saying good-bye to 2007 in the way of welcoming a new commander at Air Force Space Command, celebrating diversity and closing out the Combined Federal Campaign.General C. Robert Kehler took the helm at Air Force Space Command Oct. 24. In an Oct. 26
  • Variety is the spice of running faster

    Why do people run? For some, running is a sport that fulfills their competitive nature. For others, running releases stress. For me, running is one avenue to stay fit for life. Why do you run? Do you run only because it's mandatory? How much effort do you put into your running? Is your goal to run only until you separate or retire? Are you "Fit to
  • Sharks shine once again!

    Greetings and congratulations Sharks! You are doing a tremendous job during a very hectic period as we close out the calendar year with a flurry of launches and special events.That was a beautiful launch of Space Shuttle Discovery Tuesday. Mother Nature tried to delay the mission, but thanks to some great work by our weather specialists (and
  • Life is short, make the most of it

    Even though few of us Sharks would agree how to achieve balance in our lives, all of us try desperately to achieve it. Supporting our mission is second to none, but you have to have a plan so that work doesn't overtake your life. Let me suggest that first you have to set your life's priorities and values in concrete. Second, you have to keep your
  • Sharks are rolling through October

    Sharks, we are on a roll. First, there was last week's successful launch of an Atlas V that carried the first Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite into space. That was followed up with Wednesday's flawless launch of another vital global positioning system satellite on a Delta II. In addition, we also hosted a film crew shooting ads for an Air
  • So, what do you do for a living

    Why do you serve? How do your duties connect with the mission of your section, unit, squadron, group, wing, command and the Air Force? What do you say when someone asks you what you do for a living?Those of us currently wearing the uniform, regardless of which branch of service, answered the call of our nation to serve by a fundamental motivation.
  • Giving back to our community

    Sharks, once again, I commend you on a successful week. Your sacrifice during the Columbus Day holiday continues to reap great benefits to the wing and the nation. As we look forward to the holiday season and a time for giving, I'd like to point your attention to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This is our annual opportunity to give back to
  • How you can think strategically

    There is old story about Sir Christopher Wren, the noted British architect. When touring the construction of his architectural masterpiece, St. Paul's Cathedral, he came across three tradesmen. The first claimed he was merely cutting stone. The second stressed that he was making five shillings per day. And, the last, insightfully, said that he was