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  • What a year it's been for the Sharks

    This is the 50th and final edition of the Missileer for this year. It's hard to believe we have just about put 2007 behind us. Wrapping up a year puts me in a reflective mood, makes me think of the importance of ensuring the safe return from the holidays of all our Airmen, and also inspires me to cast an eye forward to the New Year.Sharks, you and
  • Have fun, but be safe out there

    Once again the holiday season is upon us - how quickly time flies by! Like me, I'm sure the majority of you are looking forward to spending time with relatives and friends, enjoying delicious meals, and altogether having a joyous time. However, along with all the joy and happiness that comes with the holidays there is a downside. The holidays are a
  • No one's as agile as a Shark

    We got 'er done! The 45th Space Wing Sharks and our mission partners made history this week, for the first time reconfiguring our Eastern Range between two major space launch operations in less than 36 hours -- a process that normally takes at least two full days.When NASA postponed its STS-122 mission early Sunday morning, your agility enabled us
  • 2007 - A year of mission success

    Time flies-it was only a year ago I found myself writing an article in this space about the bright future of launch here at Patrick AFB and our expected rise in 2007 launch ops tempo. Since then, all that has come to pass and more. Looking back, 2007 has been a great year for the wing-a year of mission success.This year the 45th Space Wing has
  • Knockin' the ball out of the park every day (part 2)

    About a month ago, I wrote about the amazing contributions of just half of the Mission Support Group squadrons -- Civil Engineering, Logistics Readiness, and Security Forces. This time I follow up with the remaining three.Without the Mission Support Squadron we wouldn't be able to come to work or even have access to our computers. Pay attention
  • Remembering Pearl Harbor, 66 years later

    Sixty-six years ago today, Japan launched a surprise attack against the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. About 2,400 lives were lost. Until Sept. 11, 2001 - when almost 3,000 people died in cowardly terrorist attacks - Pearl Harbor was the most devastating enemy attack on U.S. soil.Both attacks were defining moments in U.S. history and
  • The Air Force has its priorities, what are yours?

    When Gen. T. Michael Moseley became the Chief of Staff of the Air Force in 2005, one of the first things he did was write a memorandum that outlined the top three priorities for the Air Force. I was a student in Air War College at Maxwell AFB when that memo hit the streets and I can recall thinking how smart I thought it was for the CSAF to put his
  • Being there for our wingmen

    Sharks, it's hard to believe we're nearly at the close of the year. We've just wrapped up the Combined Federal Campaign and the holiday season is upon us. I'd like to begin by congratulating everyone on the tremendous contributions to this year's CFC-we raised nearly $175,000 with a contact rate of 98 percent. We reached 116 percent of our goal!.
  • We're thankful for them, they're thankful for us

    As the busy holiday season approaches, I wanted to take a moment to extend my best wishes to all of you your families.Thanksgiving, of course, has its roots in annual feasts held after the season's first harvest. The popular "first Thanksgiving" of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Native Americans was just such a feast; harvest festivals were already
  • Wishing the Sharks a happy Thanksgiving

    Our tradition of Thanksgiving reminds us each November of all we have to be thankful for. It reminds us to pause and be thankful for our families, our friends, our freedom and for the never-to-be-taken-for-granted opportunity to live here in the United States of America.And for me, it means something else as well: The opportunity to offer my