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  • They don’t get paid because they’re priceless

    They don't do it for the recognition. They don't do it for official awards, plaques or presentations. And they certainly don't do it for the money.They do it because they want to give back, to make a difference, and because they want to serve those who serve us.And for those reasons - and thousands more - April has been designated as "Volunteer
  • Shaping the future American spaceport... today

    We are in the midst of significant change in our business. In our wing mission over the last few years, we've made the leap from the last Titan IV and Atlas II flights to the Delta IV and Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles (EELVs). Booster workforces have transitioned to new providers, followed by consolidation.In just a few months, we will
  • A good sense of dollars and cents

    Hello Sharks. I'd like to take this opportunity to expand a little more about something I talked about briefly at last week's wing commander's call: fiscal responsibility.As I mentioned then, we are living in some very volatile times right now, and the financial world we find ourselves in is no different. Just ask anyone who bought a home in
  • Our mission? Mission support

    As Chuck Milam, Air Force Space Command Director of Services said recently, "Shut down the Child Development Center and see what happens to mission." I'd like to take that concept a little further... what would happen to our mission if we shut down Security Forces or Civil Engineering capabilities? Imagine trying to get the mission done without
  • Meeting ‘special needs’ of mission success

    Unless you are an active duty member with a special needs family member, you are probably not aware of the Air Force's Special Needs program and what it can do for you. The USAF Special Needs program is used to identify and track active duty families with special medical needs and ensure those needs are met. The program tries to prevent active duty
  • Making our workplace safer

    Let me begin here the same way I ended up our commander's call Wednesday afternoon. And that's by thanking you once again for everything you do around here. There are few things - if any - that give me more pleasure than to publicly recognize some of the super-star award-winners we have. You make us all proud - each and every one of you - and
  • The awards just keep coming to the Sharks…

    This week I had the distinct pleasure of handing out a special award to the senior management of our Patrick AFB commissary - the Defense Commissary Agency East 'Superstore' Award for Best Commissary! This came as no real surprise - because this entire installation has benefited from the special positive support and attention that we've received
  • Teamwork: the important role each of us plays in our mission

    The apostle Paul made the analogy that people are like the parts of a body, designed for different functions and assigned unique tasks. When each part of the body functions as it is designed, the whole body performs a greater task that none of its members could ever accomplish individually. Individual parts should not ex-pend effort being
  • Take time to take care of yourself

    A few weeks ago I used this space to write a column entitled "Taking care of our people." But as vital as it is to take care of our people, I want this week to ask each and every one of you to do something equally as important: take care of yourself.And I specifically ask you that you do this in four specific areas: professionally, physically,
  • Strike a balance; get out and get a life

    We've all seen it ... the coworker who always seems overloaded or the boss who is at work until all hours of the night.You know the one ... they can't get to the unit workout due to the critically important task they are working for the boss. No time to have lunch with the troops - too busy. They don't make it to the promotion induction ceremony -