Remembering Traditions

  • Published
  • By By Master Sgt. Michael Wynne
  • First Sergeant, 45th Medical Group
     A few short months ago, I was asked to help organize a retreat ceremony at the base flag pole. Without hesitation, I said yes, and the event went according to plan. However, after the event took place, I started to ask around and discovered it had been quite some time since the base's last retreat--two years, in fact. As any First Sergeant would do, I began to wonder why there had been such a significant gap in time between this retreat and the last. Is this a sign that we have been losing sight of other military customs and traditions as well?

     In the 45th Medical Group, I felt it was necessary take steps to get back to those time-honored traditions. Working closely with the squadron commanders and superintendents, we held our first "full service dress" open ranks inspection on March 18, 2011. Although we identified a few uniform discrepancies, it was much more than that. It was about the pride we have of our military heritage as Airmen in the United States Air Force.

     Like many of you, I am extremely proud of our Air Force history. As we continue to leave our own legacy behind, we must continue to remember where we've been throughout the years. Honoring our Air Force customs and traditions will undoubtedly lead us into the future by fostering the teamwork and camaraderie that is only unique to our profession of arms.