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  • Turn Your Commute into a Workout: The Hybrid Commute

    Physical fitness is more than a job requirement for uniformed military members. We all know that cardio fitness is healthy for your heart, reduces stress, increases your metabolism and reduces symptoms of depression and fatigue.Regular fitness is a lifestyle that benefits everybody.But who has time in the day to work out? Do more with less is the
  • Combined Federal Campaign Kickoff

    The Combined Federal Campaign kicks off next week at our annual Sports Week opening ceremony and will run until Oct. 31. Since its inception in 1961, the CFC has raised more than $6 billion in charitable contributions.If you are not familiar with the CFC, its mission is "to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee
  • From the Top: An Introduction to Our Top Enlisted Leader

    Last week, we had the very distinct pleasure of hosting the highest ranking enlisted member of our Armed Forces here at Team Patrick.United States Marine Corps Sergeant Major Bryan B. Battaglia, the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Martin E. Dempsey, spent a couple days last week touring Patrick Air
  • Meet Tatyana; It's all about being resilient

    As we spend Wingman Day 2012 discussing resiliency and Comprehensive Airman Fitness, allow me a moment to introduce you to Tatyana. While not an Airman, Tatyana exemplifies the spirit we should all aspire to develop.Tatyana was born with spina bifida in St. Petersburg, Russia. Paralyzed from the waist down, she lived for six years in a poor Russian
  • From the Top: Happy Birthday Sharks!

    This month we recognize two milestone events as we celebrate the 65th birthday of our United States Air Force and the 30th Anniversary of Air Force Space Command.As many of you know, the U.S. Air Force came into existence Sept. 18, 1947, after going through a series of designations from the Signal Corps in 1909 to the U.S. Army Air Forces in
  • A Leadership Question: How's Your Vision?

    In a race a few years ago, I saw a runner in front of me that had printed a slogan on the back of his T-shirt, "If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes" (also popular among Iditarod racers). While only true in part, this slogan exemplifies an important leadership responsibility: Leaders must provide vision. "Vision" depicts the "desired
  • From the Top: One Year of Excellence Thanks to You!

    It's hard to believe that one year ago, I took command of the 45th Space Wing. Time sure flies by when you're having fun!I was proud last year to have Lt. Gen. (Ret) Robert Hinson promote me to the rank of Brigadier General, and Lt. Gen. Susan Helms, Commander, 14th Air Force, preside over the change of command ceremony. What made this ceremony
  • Successful Organizations

    First of all I want to say how excited I am to be a part of Team Patrick. This first month has been awesome as I got to learned about the missions we do here across the 45th Space Wing and with our many mission partners. It was also an incredible experience to take part in my first launch as we worked with NASA and other mission partners to safely
  • From the Top: Step Up and Be the 'Safety' Example

    At press time we are once again preparing for another Radiation Belt Storms Probes (RBSP) launch attempt. It is currently scheduled to launch Aug. 30 from an Atlas V rocket between 0405 and 0425 local if everything goes as planned. I'm looking forward to leading my first launch as the Launch Decision Authority on the Eastern Range.After the launch,
  • Teamwork Works

    This article comes just off the heels of the 2012 Summer Olympics, where USA proved victorious with a 16-medal margin over the closest competing nation. There were reportedly 539 athletes competing in 24 sport categories under the USA banner, many I'm sure who had never, and maybe still haven't, had the opportunity to meet others on the team; yet