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  • Teamwork Works

    This article comes just off the heels of the 2012 Summer Olympics, where USA proved victorious with a 16-medal margin over the closest competing nation. There were reportedly 539 athletes competing in 24 sport categories under the USA banner, many I'm sure who had never, and maybe still haven't, had the opportunity to meet others on the team; yet
  • From the Top: Teamwork, Leadership and Stepping Up as Parents

    At press time, we were still working and-in-hand with NASA and our mission partners to conduct yet another successful launch scheduled for early Friday morning from Launch Complex 41 at the Cape.Our wing is part of the team launching the Radiation Belt Storm Probes designed to study the Earth's Van Allen Radiation Belts and probe the influences of
  • From the Chief's Notebook

    Airmanship is sexy; bring it back! Patrick AFB is graced with many Distinguished Visitor visits and we get such reminders as "don't forget to salute a DV surrey or the placard vehicle," "don't forget to call the room to attention," "hold the door open," etc.Still, with each visit, we forget to perform these basic customs and courtesies instilled in
  • From the Top: Leadership 101 - Know Your People

    Last Friday, General Mark A. Welsh III was sworn in as our 20th Chief of Staff of the Air Force. The ceremony took place at Joint Base Andrews, MD, and included the retirement of the outgoing CSAF, General Norton Schwartz, who ended his career after 39 years of honorable service.Key to our new Chief is his leadership style. If you have not already
  • Leading the Next Generation

    Generation Y (also known as the "Net Generation," "Millennials," "Dot-com" Generation), the first native online population, is a very independent and tech savvy age group.This generation includes more than 70 million Americans born in 1977 to 2002. 90 percent of them own a PC, 82 percent own a mobile device. They spend more time online than they do
  • From the Top: The Keys of Leadership according to "Ike"

    During last week's wing standup meeting, Lt. Col. Calvin Dixon, our wing chaplain, started the meeting the same way he does every week - with a motivational quote or "thought of the day" that gives everyone something to think about.This one, in particular, struck a nerve with me. It was a quote from General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander
  • So Long and Thanks for all the Launches

    As I complete my time here at Patrick and head off to new adventures, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to "Team Patrick" and the entire Space Coast community for a great tour. I am always amazed at the complexity of what we do here, the breadth and depth of talent we have that makes it all happen and through it all, the sense of family.I did
  • From the Top: School Starts Wednesday; Let's Be Safe Out There

    As many of you are well aware school starts next week and I want all of you to be conscious of that, especially as you drive through any of our three housing areas and school zones before and after school hours.The start of a new school year is always an anxious time of year ... for parents and their children. That eagerness and excitement may not
  • Revolutionary Capabilities

    I had the opportunity to tour the NAVSTAR Processing Facility with the 14th Air Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Susan Helms, during her visit last week.As Gen. Helms listened to 1st Lt. Grotelueschen describe the Global Positioning System Block IIF satellite we are preparing for launch, I was taken back to January 1992 when I worked in that same clean
  • From the Top: Reaching Out to Deployed Family Members; 14 AF/CC returns to Shark Country

    A few weeks ago, 22 members of the 45th Civil Engineer Squadron deployed from Patrick Air Force Base for a six-month tour in the Middle East.Their mission will be to serve with the 577th Expeditionary Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (BEEF) Group.That unit, which was originally formed by U.S. Central Command in September 2009, is made up of