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  • Standards and Discipline

    It's been nearly an entire year since I had the opportunity to speak to the base through this revered publication. Last time I spoke about a culture of responsible choices, and how my daughter almost got her finger bit off by a turtle. This round, I'd like to talk about standards and

  • Traffic Enforcement Efforts on Patrick AFB and CCAFS

    Now that we are in the summer months, planning vacations, and enjoying quality time with family and friends it's imperative not to get distracted and forget the importance of safety while driving on our roadways. One of the simplest ways to preserve safety is to follow traffic laws while operating

  • From the Top: Warm Welcome for New AFSPC Vice Commander

    Nothing makes a commander more proud than being able to show off their command. We had the opportunity to do just that on Tuesday. Lt. Gen. John E. Hyten, Vice Commander, Air Force Space Command, was able to spend a day with Team Patrick. This was his first Air Force Space Command base visit since

  • How important is your Air Force Career?

    We've heard lots of talk lately about downsizing, of having to do more with less.We've seen Reduction in Force efforts like the DOS Rollback and Early Retirement options. What was once pretty much a guaranteed 20 year career isn't any longer. Which begs the big question, "How do I keep my career?"As

  • From the Top: The Essential Key to Success is Our Philosophy on Training

    Our mission is "One Team... Delivering Assured Space Launch, Range, and Combat Capabilities for the Nation." In order to execute this mission, it is pivotal that our crews, operators, support teams, indeed everyone across the wing, be properly trained. Our space launch mission is an extremely

  • Spacelift - A Team Sport

    In the month of June we successfully launched two rockets! Like spectators, the local residents and some from afar line the roads and beaches to catch a glimpse of these spectacular events. For these folks, the launches are the whole event, and a quick one at that; however, for those of us involved

  • From the Top: Congrats on Launch; Take Cover During Storms

    Wow, what a couple weeks it's been for us here at the Eastern Range. Within a nine-day span, we launched back-toback missions for the National Reconnaissance Office. We launched an Atlas V on June 20, and then launched the Delta IV Heavy on June 29, both from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.If you

  • Farewell from the MSG Commander

    As my time draws to a close, I reflect on the amazing time I have had as a member of the mighty Sharks.A total of seven years crossing three assignments at the 45th Space Wing, culminated in the most enjoyable job of my entire career, as the commander of the most awesome and inspiring Tiger Sharks

  • Predicting the "Verdict"

    I am not a lawyer in any shapeor form nor do I claim to be; howeverI have exploited some legalterminology to assist with developinga tool for those of us faced withcritical decision making as squadroncommanders, superintendents,etc. as we strive to accomplish themission.Despite the organizational