From the Chief's Notebook

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Thai
  • CEM, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron
Airmanship is sexy; bring it back! Patrick AFB is graced with many Distinguished Visitor visits and we get such reminders as "don't forget to salute a DV surrey or the placard vehicle," "don't forget to call the room to attention," "hold the door open," etc.

Still, with each visit, we forget to perform these basic customs and courtesies instilled in us from the time we earned the right to be called Airmen. This negative pattern must be changed! We must right this conduct by correcting infractions on the spot; otherwise, we perpetuate the negative trend.
Speaking of correcting, one place on base that seems to be the twilight zone for standards is the gym. How many times have you seen an Airman not tucking in their PT shirt? Not zipping the bottom of their PT pants? "Rolling" the PT shirt under rather
than just tucking it in? Wearing flip-flops instead of proper shoes with the PT uniform?

The killer is when other Airmen, standing next to them, allow it.

Here is my all time favorite: seeing someone do the 100-yard dash from the gym to a vehicle without their cap? Is it ok to forgo standards if you think you can run as fast as Usain Bolt? That's a super quick no folks!

This brings me to physical fitness.
To succeed in the Air Force, we have to make physical fitness a way of life. If you are treating PT as a "just in time task," please stop it right now or it will cost you your career. Here are some Patrick citizens I always see in the gym: the always steady and youthful Col. Allison Bowden -- try keeping up with her! The ageless wonder Mr. George Robins, who swims a half to one mile every morning. The debonair Chief Jeffrey Hall, who can shoulder press dumbbells each being equal to my body weight.

Do you think that's a way of life or just in time?

These negative patterns have to be changed and it is everyone's responsibility to help bring Airmanship back!