So Long and Thanks for all the Launches

  • Published
  • By Col. Denette Sleeth
  • Outgoing commander, 45th Operations Group
As I complete my time here at Patrick and head off to new adventures, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to "Team Patrick" and the entire Space Coast community for a great tour. I am always amazed at the complexity of what we do here, the breadth and depth of talent we have that makes it all happen and through it all, the sense of family.

I did not grow up a military brat but my father was a Marine and I grew up listening to stories told by a group of men (who called each other things like Peepsight and Pac, as in pacaderm) - Marines who had enlisted together, gone through basic together, fought battles and lived to tell the tales. They were truly brothers and I'm sure those memories colored my decision to join the military. Of all the bases I have been stationed at, Patrick brings home that family piece.

And the beauty of families is that they take care of each other. That is critical in today's high stress environment. While there are a lot of resources at our disposal to get us through tough times, the trust and respect built daily between members of the Patrick family is what makes the difference at the end of the day and ensures we can help teammates through tough times.

I am fond of saying "more is better," particularly with regard to launches. More may be better, but as we continue to reduce resources, more may not be achievable. A key to what we can achieve is the health and well-being of this "family." Continue to take care of each other and I wish the wing and entire team, many, many more successful launches!