Got novel ideas?

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Emilio Becerra
  • 1st Range Operations Squadron
Have you empowered yourself and fellow teammates yet? Have you embraced and fostered a creative way of thinking to bring about extraordinary initiatives? What are you waiting for?

The world is constantly evolving and filled with unique individuals who are willing to change our culture for the betterment of the mission. These suggestions need not be grand or fixated on monetary value but innovative. What is your novel idea?

Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station have some of the world's most brilliant minds. We have a unique and strong heritage, which includes launching the first U.S. Astronaut in 1961, the first unmanned lunar landing in 1966, and the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury in 2011.

The Air Force Technical Applications Center has the ability to detect nuclear detonations anywhere in the world to ensure signatory countries adhere to nuclear treaties, which is absolutely incredible. The center detected India's and Pakistan's 1998 tests, and North Korea's claim of a 2006 nuclear test.

Let us not forget the 920th Rescue Wing, the Air Force Reserve Command's premier combat search and rescue unit, who rescued 137 southern Florida residents following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and continues in extraordinary ventures. Our history alone exhibits our limitless capacity for improving.

We, as a total force, have advanced because of the resourcefulness of those before us. As we continue to move forward, remember that everything starts with a vision. It continues with all of us encouraging each other to do better.

I encourage you: the hard working, the noble, the ingenious; Let's make our home a better place for all of us, one idea at a time...