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  • 45th Space Wing: Looking Back at 2011 and Forward to 2012

    Sharks! Let me be the first to welcome you back from what I hope was a relaxing and fun holiday. I know that we all welcomed the break after the recent launches, preparation for and ultimately execution of AFSPC's first Consolidated Unit Inspection (CUI). Let's take a quick look back at last year's

  • Holiday Safety Message

    Greetings, Shark Family. As we prepare for the holiday season, I'm reminded of what our senior leaders have strongly emphasized, "Safety never takes a holiday."This is especially true with the 45 SW's ongoing operations tempo and continuous efforts in support of the Department of Defense's global

  • Increase Margin to Decrease Stress

    I arrived at Officer Training School in the midst of the Air Force's major draw down in the early '90s. I vividly recall the unofficial mantra of the time, "We don't need you, we don't want you, and you have to prove you want to be here." They backed up their threat by eliminating half of the

  • Well Done, Sharks!

    Sharks! Ten days of inspection has come and gone. In those 10 days you have demonstrated Logistics Compliance throughout the wing, your ability to provide first class health care to our medical beneficiaries, show that our legal professionals are first rate, and prove that we absolutely pay

  • Holiday Celebrations with Food

    Many holidays, celebrations, family and cultural traditions often center on food. As a result, many people gain weight between Thanksgiving and the New Year.The problem is not that we celebrate and over indulge, but how we eat.It's the tempting treats during the holiday season and the pressure from

  • Hindered by Experience, Captivated by Confidence

    Squadron Commanders know how to get things done. We can lead Airmen to complete a mission, drive operations, control budgets, negotiate deals, keep on schedule, investigate problems, find solutions, brief a four-star ... make good coffee.Years of experience says there is a right way and a wrong way

  • Show Them We Can Walk the Talk

    Sharks!... We're in the middle of our Consolidated Unit Inspection, the first CUI for Air Force Space Command. While we are getting positive feedback on our performance so far, we still have a long way to go. Let's keep our eyes on the ball throughout. Remember, we must run through the tape at the

  • Volunteering with Habitat strengthens team

    A Senior Non-commissioned Officer's (SNCO) primary purpose is to lead and manage teams to accomplish the mission. In order to lead and manage a team you must first build a team. That team must have a common goal, a steady focus and the ability to work together.As a Superintendent and SNCO I look for

  • Consolidated Unit Inspection – Time to Show Your Stuff

    Sharks!.. Saturday's successful launch of the Atlas V carrying NASA's Mars Science Laboratory was an impressive show of our ability to safely execute the assured access to space mission. Well done to the entire team. It truly takes every member of this dynamic wing to make something so complicated

  • A Holiday Message

    Linda and I send our warmest wishes to you and your families for this holiday season.We hope you'll take advantage of the long weekends, maybe take some leave and use the time to relax and recharge.That said, as members of the AFSPC family, our well wishes come with words of caution.As you make your