Change is vital to mission success

  • Published
  • By Col. Loretta Kelemen
  • 45th Mission Support Group
To "change" means to become different, alter or transform - all of which raises our anxiety levels. Who doesn't long for a steady, constant comfort in knowing what is around the next corner of life?

The recent hiring controls, existing manning shortages and talk of future cuts in both personnel and budgets have undoubtedly caused a lot of anxiety within the wing. As if all of these external anxieties were not enough, our wing is gearing up for our December Consolidated Unit Inspection - a significant additional stress-inducing event.

Supervisors need to keep teams focused on the task at hand, Wingmen need to be looking out for their coworkers and we all need to keep each other motivated.

With each change, every Airman and civilian becomes even more important to mission accomplishment and without these motivated, dedicated folks, our mission fails.

So how do we motivate folks to strive to be the very best in everything they do? We lead by example. Leadership is an art, and while it may come easier to some than others, it remains vital to the success of our mission and, most importantly, the well-being of the men and women of the 45th Space Wing.

"Men will work hard for money. They will work harder for other men. But men will work hardest of all when they are dedicated to a cause," said Harry Emerson Fosdick.

I believe that the men and women of the 45th Space Wing are dedicated to our cause, the mission of the 45th Space Wing, which is vital to our National Security.

We have an awesome depth of dedicated talent, which can be seen here every day at Patrick Air Force Base and the Cape. From the civil servant who willfully takes on increased responsibilities without any immediate increase in grade, to the Airman who, without hesitation, takes on the additional duties of his deployed coworker, to the retiree who has faithfully served this country and then devotes hundreds of hours a year volunteering around the base.

And we should never forget our families who encourage us as we accomplish the mission every day.

Stay positive. As stated by the late Winston Churchill, "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; [but] an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

I am certain we will get through these changes and this inspection as a strong, united team. And in the end, we will be the better for it.