Farewell from the MSG Commander

  • Published
  • By Col. Loretta Kelemen
  • Commander, 45th Mission Support Group
As my time draws to a close, I reflect on the amazing time I have had as a member of the mighty Sharks.

A total of seven years crossing three assignments at the 45th Space Wing, culminated in the most enjoyable job of my entire career, as the commander of the most awesome and inspiring Tiger Sharks of the 45th Mission support Group!!!

The MSG Tiger Sharks don't know the meaning of 'can't.' When faced with challenge after challenge, the mighty MSG steps up and knocks a homerun every time. Without fail, the MSG team is there to do whatever it takes to ensure flawless and seamless support to the wing's critical space launch mission along with the mission of our 40 mission partners.

The MSG team has exceeded my wildest expectations and exudes our Air Force Core Values daily. The team garnered a staggering 58 DoD, AF, and AFSPC awards in the past two years alone, along with multiple Bronze stars and combat action medals for heroics performed in the AOR. The team led the Air Force in Food transformation, revolutionizing the dining experience for everyone at team Patrick.

Next, the team delivered over $9 million in quality of life projects, including a fully renovated community center, new warfit tracks both at CCAFS and PAFB, jogging trails, FamCamp and Marina upgrades galore. All these were accomplished by the wing's amazing Mission Support Group.

And last, but certainly not least, the team supported 26 PERFECT launches and that is why we are here.

I could not be more proud of the entire MSG team and thankful for the opportunity I had as part of the mighty Tiger Sharks.

I will miss the ever-changing, non-routine routine of being an MSG commander.


"Proud to Be...MSG!"