Prepare NOW for Command Cyber Readiness Inspection

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. April Cantwell
  • 45th Space Communications Squadron
Hopefully by now you have heard the wing will be undergoing a Command Cyber Readiness Inspection July 22-26.

If not, SURPRISE! While the majority of the inspection will take place within the space communications squadron, all users have a part in helping the wing pass this inspection.

You may be asking "what's so important about a communications inspection? It has nothing to do with me!" (a common misconception). The inspection is conducted by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA-- the "Grand Pubah" of the DoD's network).

If they were to find us not in compliance they can (and will) pull the plug on our network until we are compliant.

You think a short email outage is bad, just think what would happen if you lost connection to the outside world for weeks! Below are a few tips on what you can do to help the wing pass this inspection with flying colors. Because I know that is what we all want!

-DO remove your CAC when you are not at your computer (and no, you cannot remove it and slide it under your keyboard)

-Speaking of keyboards, DO NOT write down passwords/PIN codes you use to access websites, databases, or any other system (they will find them in your work area and it will be a write-up)

-DO NOT let anyone access your computer with your CAC credentials

-DO have DD Form 2056 attached to all telephones and cell phones (you know; that red sticker that is always fading. Let's make sure it is legible)

-DO have a current Virus/CMI reporting aid near your workstation (be familiar with it too)

-DO log off your computer at the end of the day but DO NOT shut it down otherwise we cannot send you updates

-DO digitally sign or encrypt emails as required

Finally, please be patient with the 45th SCS as we prepare for a successful inspection. Please feel free to contact myself or Lt. Sean Dunn at 321-494-7740 if you have questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your support.