Wing CC: So proud to be your commander

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Nina Armagno
  • Commander, 45th Space Wing
Congrats to "Team Patrick-Cape" for once again answering the bell this week and coming out swinging. Like I predicted last week, you hit the home-run we were looking for.

Not only did we successfully launch NASA's MAVEN mission from Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Monday afternoon, we also did a tremendous job during Air Force Space Command's Inspection General Team's "On-Site-Visit" that ended Wednesday.

We do not have any "official" word from the inspection of our launch procedures and processes, or how we did during Tuesday's "active shooter" exercise, but from the feedback I heard, we did a great job. As always, I am so proud to be your commander.

Team, this is not to say we can't find room for improvement in everything we do around here, from launching rockets to protecting our precious environment, to being better Airmen and making the right decisions in our daily lives.

We are, from time-to-time, still a victim of self-inflicted wounds. These actions not only hurt the entire team, but often result in the very sudden -- and so avoidable -- termination of a once very bright-with-promise Air Force career.

In case you didn't get the memo, here's the short version of what it says: We will not tolerate it!

For those commanders fortunate enough to not have to deal with these kinds of issues in the past, please know that none of us should be naïve enough to think "this can't happen in my unit." It can.

As you know, we are rapidly approaching another big inspection -- a Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone Event, scheduled Dec. 8 - 16, which will validate and verify the Commander's Inspection Program. The "stressors" of this, along with those of the upcoming holiday season, can combine for a perfect recipe for bad things to happen.

I ask all leaders -- at every level -- to be on the lookout for things that are brewing in your workplace and with your folks. It's our job to put headlights on our team's highway and help them navigate through and around any bumps or obstacles they may run across.

It's always better, and a whole lot more effective, to "anticipate and eliminate" these kind of events, rather than dealing with the legal aftermath later. Nip these potential problems and behaviors in the bud.

You owe it to your unit to do this. You owe it to your Wingmen and Civilian Airmen even more.

Stay Focused, Sharks!