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  • Cyber OPSEC: Protecting yourself online

    President Barack Obama declared October as National Cyber Security Awareness month, which directly correlates to Operations Security, or OPSEC, and the protection of critical information.All Airmen share responsibility for protecting government networks and information residing on them, but protecting personal information is equally important.
  • Innovate Now: Organize change efforts

    Many of us may face tough challenges during tumultuous economic times. Competitive pressures continue, unrelenting, with high costs.Looking for an edge, organizations strive to lower costs, reduce headcount, and improve technologies, but too few have become operationally excellent.Why is that?Costs pile up with story headlines such as: As Output
  • ENERGY: Clearly a mission-essential resource

    As you are probably aware, October is "Energy Awareness Month," and a time for us to foot-stomp how vital energy is to our national security and to our environmental well-being, now and in the years to come.This year's theme, "I am Air Force Energy," places all Airmen squarely at the center of the annual campaign.  The Air Force Civil Engineering
  • Taking your performance to the next level

    As we develop future leaders of character, we teach them the five rights.They must be at the right place, at the right time, wearing the right attire with the right attitude and ready to do the right thing. The five rights are also applicable to active-duty members and DOD civilians. Living by these 'rights', our Air Force will constantly evolve
  • ‘Combined’ effort equals greater success

    So far it has been a great first three months for me as the 45th Space Wing vice commander. The Sharks of the 45th have always had a great reputation throughout the command and we proved it again by successfully launching two rockets in one week, both going off without a hitch despite Mother Nature's efforts to the contrary!So thank you for making
  • Teamwork: Delivering mission success

    "There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn't matter who gets the credit." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson, American PoetWhile playing shortstop during my first year of little league baseball, I anticipated the infield fly ball. The batter popped up the ball and I caught it.  It ended the final inning and our team won. As I reflect on this,
  • Innovate Now: Necessitate change

    Familiarity is comfortable. For that reason, change is uncomfortable.History could be viewed as one long story of fighting against change; such as the story of the Luddites, who fought against the industrial revolution, or, in the folktale story of John Henry Irons.Irons was the best of his kind. No one could swing a hammer with his skill, force
  • 30 days in AFSPC: Proud to do our part

    All this week, while we were busy preparing for two launches in the same week (the CLIO and CRS-4 missions), a team of four Airmen from 3rd Combat Camera Squadron, San Antonio, Texas, were here to document our every move.They were here as part of Air Force Space Command's "30 days in AFSPC" campaign (Nine wings in 30 days), designed to help build
  • Let’s not avoid change; it’s time to embrace it

    "Don't be afraid to more afraid of not trying to make a positive change."That message, as much as any, is the take-away I hope you received from the Commander's Call we recently conducted at the Base Theater.As I said at that time, our vision and mission statements were changed only slightly, but our priorities and commitments were
  • Have you been receiving your feedbacks?

    In June, our Air Force senior leaders announced the implementation of the new Airman Comprehensive Assessment worksheet. The new forms were designed to significantly enhance communication in the feedback process between supervisors and subordinates. Our Chief of Staff highlighted this in a memo to Airmen, by stating, "Proper feedback is the most