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  • Let’s not avoid change; it’s time to embrace it

    "Don't be afraid to more afraid of not trying to make a positive change."That message, as much as any, is the take-away I hope you received from the Commander's Call we recently conducted at the Base Theater.As I said at that time, our vision and mission statements were changed only

  • Have you been receiving your feedbacks?

    In June, our Air Force senior leaders announced the implementation of the new Airman Comprehensive Assessment worksheet. The new forms were designed to significantly enhance communication in the feedback process between supervisors and subordinates. Our Chief of Staff highlighted this in a memo to

  • Mentorship: An investment in yourself, others, and the greater good

    I recall entering the service many years ago and the feeling of excitement about the opportunities. I was extremely eager to make an impact on my career and my organization; however, my insecurities and feelings of intimidation and, quite honestly, inadequacy would keep me from doing so for some

  • ‘That’s not how we do it around here!'

    Change is not always easy. I get it. We don't like changes to our routine, changes in our work place - and certainly not changes in the way we do business here at the 45th Space Wing. But, we have no choice in the matter. It's as simple as this: we need to change to be successful, and just talking

  • AFSPC commander issues Labor Day message

    On Sept. 1, we will celebrate Labor Day to pay tribute those who have 'labored' to build and sustain this great and wonderful country. Our Nation's freedom, strength and success would be unattainable without the perseverance and determined efforts of great Americans like you.Labor Day is also

  • Message from AF leaders: ‘Have a life away from work’

    1. Work 12-plus hours a day. 2. Keep your nose to the grindstone. 3. Don't make a mistake. 4. Focus on your job 24/7. 5. If you find some "free time," use it to work on that advanced college degree. 6. If you find some more "free time," get that PME done by correspondence, even if you were selected

  • The spirit of innovation, empowerment

    Sharks, we are truly fortunate to be in today's Air Force. Not only are we the most knowledgeable, capable and efficient Air Force we have ever been; each of us is empowered to take control of, and carve out our future. Through the Innovate Now! Program, Team Patrick-Cape Airmen are bringing

  • Guidance, priorities from the new AFSPC Commander

    Last week, I had the distinct honor and privilege to attend the Air Force Space Command Commander's Conference and Change of Command Ceremony where I witnessed General John E. Hyten become the 16th commander of AFSPC, replacing General William L. Shelton.In addition to the change-of-command

  • Recent increase in shark activity

    Last week an 8-year old boy was bitten by a shark at Tables Beach while boogie boarding near the Tides Collocated Club. Over the weekend, a 10-year old girl suffered a shark bite in Cocoa Beach, and just south of the base at Paradise Beach, several sharks were seen swimming in shallow water. So far

  • Delegation done right

    We've all been there...Your boss just sent you an email or called you about another "HOT" task that's due by the end of the day. You're already swamped with other work, so you decide it's time to delegate. You think to yourself, I could give the task to 1st Lt. Newbie or Mr. Klueless, but they're