30 days in AFSPC: Proud to do our part

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Nina Armagno
  • 45th Space Wing Commander
All this week, while we were busy preparing for two launches in the same week (the CLIO and CRS-4 missions), a team of four Airmen from 3rd Combat Camera Squadron, San Antonio, Texas, were here to document our every move.

They were here as part of Air Force Space Command's "30 days in AFSPC" campaign (Nine wings in 30 days), designed to help build public awareness and highlight the space and cyberspace mission of AFSPC, its culture, and the extraordinary professionalism, skill and discipline of AFSPC Airmen.

When informed of this AFSPC-directed 3CTS mission, my guidance to Team Patrick-Cape was as simple as simple gets: BRING IT ON!

As the month long mission began, Col. John Dorrian, AFSPC Director of Public Affairs, had this to say.
"Space and cyberspace capabilities are foundational to every mission of the Defense Department," he said. "Our joint, interagency, coalition partners and people around the world rely on AFSPC Airmen and the critical missions we conduct; this is an opportunity to showcase our people and the great missions the command executes every day."

That's exactly as we saw it and I only had two major directives for those who did the heavy lifting planning for this event.

1. I wanted the itinerary to be inclusive of all the groups, squadrons and offices who continue to guarantee assured access to space and

2. The focus should be on the Airmen, (the "Big A"), civilians and contractors who make that happen.

So that's what we did, and included elements of the Operations, Launch, Mission Support and Medical Groups, who all - in their own specific way - contribute greatly to the missions of the 45th Space Wing and Air Force Space Command.

Since taking command of the 45th Space Wing about 15 months ago, I have been saying since day 1 how very fortunate I was to inherit  from previous commanders a team as gifted as this one.

So it goes without saying we don't mind a bit to let others know how we go about doing business - and what it takes to achieve our number 1 priority here: 100 percent mission success!

It seems every time you step to the plate you hit one out of the park. So keep swinging!

So proud to be your commander.

Stay focused, Sharks!