Don't be 'That Commander' -- EOY Prep is your business

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Marvin Baugh
  • Commander, 45th Contracting Squadron
So, there you are sitting in the Resource Management Board in September and Brig. Gen. Cotton allocates $250,000 to your unitĀ for one of your unfunded requirements.

But, you remember that you did not submit the purchase request package to Contracting by the cutoff date.

Your palms start to sweat and you realize you are now "That Commander!"

Don't be "That Commander" who is not ready for End of Year business.

Be prepared! Here are the keys to a successful EOY:

First, know your 45th Contracting and Finance points of contact and communicate your
requirements to Contracting early so we can help you meet the cut off dates. The EOY cut-off dates letter was recently released and can be located at: \\p533fp2\
Public_Share\45CONS\EOFY12_CONS_Dates.pdf Planning purchase requests are due July 2 and all funded FY 12 and Wing EOY unfunded purchase requests are
due July 15 to Contracting.

Other cut off dates are established for supply items and Government Purchase Card
acquisitions; thus, please be sure to review the letter for the submission
requirements this year. Knowing your CONS and FM POCs and determining the proper way to get your requirement fulfilled will be time well spent.

Do your research. Conduct market research to determine sources available to provide your requirement. You may find your requirement is available commercially
and significantly cheaper (or more expensive) than thought. If it is a common item in the Air Force, you may find your requirement can be ordered from another Government contract.

Communicate with your RA. Your RA is your primary interface with FM. He or she will assist you with your unfunded package and will make sure it gets considered
during EOY funding drills.

Lastly, ensure you provide a complete acquisition package. A complete package includes your funding document, to include planning purchase requests, requirement
description, ozone depleting statement, green procurement waiver, and other information identified by your Contracting POC.

Having the complete and timely acquisition package is essential for a smooth procurement process; to ensure you are postured to receive any fall out dollars at EOY and prevent issues after award.

Again, don't be "That Commander." Let's team together to develop an effective game plan for EOY success!