• Published
  • By Capt. Jessica Pabon
  • 45th Medical Group
No-Nonsense: It's the desired outcome to every course of action toward change.

However, in a programmed environment, where additional steps and self-inflicted pain are the norm, how can we attain this result?

Our actions should add value and contribute positively to the mission otherwise we end up spinning a broken wheel, according to Lt. Col. Julia Black.

Due to distractions and temporary fixes, we often forget the core elements, such as adherence to standards and open-mindedness which are needed to create and sustain change.

Why stick with the negative mindset of: we've always done it this way or that's easier said than done. Instead of negativity, why not promote a culture that fosters innovation and cuts out the waste?

Focus on the notion of working smarter not harder. I charge you with the responsibility to speak up. Change can start with one action, getting down to the basics.

Look within your own circle of influence to find opportunities for improvement, try to determine the root causes and eliminate them. Take on the task--just remember to start small, inherit all its responsibilities, be accountable at every turn, and don't be afraid to fail.

Develop your learning curves.

With that said, leadership; I challenge you to empower your people. Embrace the better idea and cultivate an atmosphere for those 'aha moments' to be highlighted, shared, and formed into action.

Always continue to clearly convey expectations and ensure they are shared universally. Allow the individuals who work in the heart of the chaos to come up with the solution.

Be flexible; revise initial plans and carry on to eventually see the fruits of your labor.

Remember, the little things matter and February is a month for No-Nonsense.