Here's to the holidays -- and your health!

  • Published
  • By Susan D. Alexander
  • Wing Violence Prevention Office
The holiday season is mostly know as a time of joy and happiness. Whether it is enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and wrapping up in some blankets to escape the cold, the holiday season is enjoyable for many.

However, unfortunately, there are many people who feel quite the opposite. For some, the holiday season can be frustrating, stressful, and even depressing.

There are many resources and groups available to Airmen and their families to help remain vigilant and jubiliant. Here are some tips from the 45th Space Wing Violence Prevention Office to remain healthy during the holiday season;

Stay on Budget
Decide on how much you can afford before you go shopping. Consider creative gifts that do not cost a lot of money or consider participating in a gift exchange!

Reach Out
If you're on your own, try to connect with a friend, talk to family members by phone, and drop in on community events. If you know someone who will be alone, reach out and try to spend some time with them.

When it comes to entertaining, do not try to do it all. Ask friends and family to pitch in with food and cleaning up.

Maintain Healthy Habits
Continue to get plenty of sleep and physical activity. Resist the urge to over-do holiday food and alcohol.

Don't Fret the Family
Be sensitive to their needs; but take downtime if you need it.

Lend a hand and lift your spirits. Volunteer at a food bank, soup kitchen or organization where holiday help is much appreciated!

Be Realistic
There is no such thing as a perfect holiday. Be flexible about changing plans -- you might wind up with a great new tradition!

Relax and Recharge
Carve out some time each day to help you clear your mind and recharge. Walk the dog, listen to music, go workout, or delve into a good book!