Homefront Heroes: The Unwavering Support of a Military Spouse

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My name is Deanna Novoa, the spouse of SrA Sean Novoa. He is a part of the 45th Force Support Squadron here at Patrick SFB. We have been stationed here for a little over 3 years now and thankfully we got lucky and are closer to home than most.

When I met Sean he had already made the brave decision of enlisting in the Air Force and committing his life to serve and protect our country. When we decided to get married, I knew his dedication to the Air Force would always be a huge priority, which makes it a huge dedication for me as well. You never really realize the toll it takes on you as a spouse and for me, a mother too.

We have 5 kids in our household, so to make the decision to move our kids away from everything they know back home to support not only their father, but the Air Force too, was more of a shock then we realized.

Children are extremely resilient and can adapt quickly. As parents, you still worry about how they will adapt to a new school, new home, new environment, and a whole new life. Thankfully, all of our children have done amazing with the changes that have been made in our lives with the military. If I’m being honest, I never thought the change and move would hit me harder than it did them.

As a spouse, you experience a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. I left home to be here and to support my husband in his career. I moved away from the only things I’ve ever known for the last 30 years of my life and let me tell you, it was hard, and still is.

Learning to adapt to the lifestyle and culture of the military is not for the weak. It’s a journey filled with challenges, sacrifices, and constant adjustments. Some days are harder than others. Whether I’m having to change my whole schedule at home and work at the drop of a hat to help Sean for early morning PT or details with honor guard, I feel like I’m stretching myself thin as a wife and mother. Despite that, I know he would, and does the same for me whenever I need it.

The sense of community, support from other military families, and pride of my husband’s service makes this experience so rewarding. It’s about being resilient, strong, and finding happiness in all the small moments, no matter the uncertainties. Being a military spouse is a role that requires adaptability, courage, and unconditional love for not only your spouse but the military family as well. It’s a path that tests your limits and shows your multitude of strengths and power of love.

Throughout this wild journey I feel like the biggest thing I’ve learned as a spouse is making sure my love and support is always at the forefront of anything we do together – yes together. We, as a family, are choosing to make the commitment and sacrifice to serve our great country.

My husband wakes up every morning, puts on the uniform and goes to work protecting our country, but who’s protecting him when he comes home tired? Or feels like he didn’t do enough? Or is disappointed in himself? Or when he spends time studying and doing homework for hours? I do. His family does. My role as a spouse may be small to some, but I know that with all my love and support my husband will continue to be the best Airman he can be.

We may not get awards, wear a uniform or have ranks, but God has given us the most important role there could ever be, especially in the world today. I did not take an oath for the Air Force but I did to my husband. As his wife, I will continue to vow to support and love him with any plans the military has for us, no matter what.