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  • Freedom Fest a July Fourth tradition

    The 45th Space Wing invites base employees, their family and friends to celebrate this year's Independence Day at the annual Patrick AFB Freedom Fest celebration at Chevron Park on the banks of the scenic Banana River. Hosted by the 45th Services Division, this year's bash promises to be one of the best the base has ever held. First rate
  • Historic complex 36 towers toppled

    More than 3,600 tons of steel crashed to the surface at Space Launch Complex 36 Saturday morning when the old 209-foot-tall mobile service towers there were toppled as part of the ongoing project to demolish the historic complex. Approximately 60 pounds of dynamite strapped to the base of each tower was detonated about 15 minutes apart to knock the
  • New vice commander is ready to go

    Col. Stephen Butler entered the Air Force in 1985 as a second lieutenant launching global positioning system satellites and has spent most of his career in the space and missile career field at multiple locations. Since June 11, he has been vice commander of the 45th Space Wing. "It been a fast couple of weeks, filled with plenty of activity," said
  • Fireman named one of 12 Outstanding Airmen

    Base firefighter Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Griffin got a little nervous Monday, June 11 when 45th Space Wing Command Chief Master Sgt. Dennis Vannorsdall walked into the fire station with Sergeant Griffin's 7-year-old son Jereon. "I thought maybe something had happened to my wife," said Sergeant Griffin. "But then when I saw General Helms standing there
  • Summer sees new leaders at 45th SW

    The 45th Space Wing will have a new look this summer. Eight of the wing's senior leaders will be leaving and making way for fresh faces. The wing's vice commander, Col. Thomas Bouthiller, retires today in a ceremony at The Tides at 3 p.m. Replacing him as vice commander is Col. Stephen Butler, who started Monday. A full story on Colonel Butler will
  • A 'Silver Snoopy' for lifetime of service

    NASA recognized a member of the 45th Operations Group's Human Space Flight Support team for his lifetime of work and support to human spaceflight. Simon Levka, program engineer for HSFS, recently received a Silver Snoopy Award from astronaut Jose Hernandez at a ceremony at the Manatee Cove Marina. A retired Air Force major, Mr. Levka began his
  • Summer is here, 'Be Cool and Act Safe'

    The "101 Critical Days of Summer" Safety Campaign runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend.The theme for Patrick AFB's safety campaign is "Be Cool, Act Safe." Since the early 1980s, this campaign has run annually to counter the traditional in-crease in Air Force mishaps and fatalities that occur during the summer months. Historically during
  • Shuttle safety and security are paramount

    When the space shuttle lifts off from Kennedy Space Center on mission STS-117, most people will be concerned with what goes on up in the sky, but what happens on the ground is just as important.As the 45th Space Wing commander is responsible for public safety on the Eastern Range, the wing does its utmost to ensure that civilians on the ground are
  • DoD-led exercise simulates shuttle bailout

    Department of Defense personnel conducted an exercise in search and rescue operations May 31 to ensure their readiness to support upcoming Space Shuttle launches.The exercise, known as Mode VIII, the NASA designation for an astronaut bailout of the space shuttle, simulated the bailout of seven astronauts into the Atlantic Ocean 275 nautical miles
  • Vice commander remembers on eve of retiring

    One week. That is how much time Col. Thomas Bouthiller, vice commander of the 45th Space Wing, has until he joins the long blue line of Airmen who have retired from defending our nation.Colonel Bouthiller will retire after 29 years of service in a ceremony June 15 at The Tides.Colonel Bouthiller's Air Force career began with the dream of becoming a