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Bold leadership

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- When you hear that someone is a bold leader does it conjure images of big, charismatic, larger-than-life personalities? Or, do you think of someone who is driven, a visionary, or having a take-no-prisoners approach to accomplishing goals?

We think we are just average Joes trying to make a living and if we're lucky, we'll make a small, positive difference along the way in the United States Air Force. This type of leadership isn't reserved for the chosen few or limited to popular definitions of big, brash and loud individuals.

Bold leadership is about the everyday behaviors we use to concentrate on the needs of others, directing with confidence and genuinely engaging our subordinates and fellow comrades in authentic ways.

Building the foundation of trust-the glue that keeps a team and its organization intact. Being bold requires focusing on others instead of yourself. As leaders, our priorities should focus on the development of our Airmen, on 100 percent mission success and continuing to find innovative ways to make the 45th Space Wing and the United States Air Force better than before.

These leaders build successful teams and inspire them to zero in on the mission, provide open and honest feedback to ensure the most effective methods to reach goals. Bold leaders lead with humility, seeing the 360 view of the issue and recognizing the bigger picture. As you grow in the Air Force, recognize your subordinates are the reason for your success.

Bold leaders will have to make tough decisions, some not always liked; however, they make their decisions based on what's best for their Airmen, the mission, the Air Force as a whole and not afraid to fail or stand by their choices.

We are not just average, trying to make a living, we are leaders geared to make a difference.
Be a bold leader.