Our mission? Mission support

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- As Chuck Milam, Air Force Space Command Director of Services said recently, "Shut down the Child Development Center and see what happens to mission." I'd like to take that concept a little further... what would happen to our mission if we shut down Security Forces or Civil Engineering capabilities? Imagine trying to get the mission done without contracting or supply. As our Air Force has reduced its size, every Airman becomes more important for mission accomplishment.

As commander of the great "Tiger Sharks" of the 45th Space Wing, I see every day the great energies of our Mission Support Group Airmen, civil servants, and contractors focused on excellent mission accomplishment. In fact, the great MSG team has brought home a staggering number of awards over the last few months -- including five Air Force level awards and 18 Air Force Space Command awards. Space limitations here won't allow me to note every winner, but take a moment to peruse the awards won by this great Tiger Shark team within the last five months:

· AF 2007 Manpower Office of the Year
· AF 2007 Education & Training Center
· AF 2007 Senior Education & Training Manager
· Two AF-level Environmental Excellence Awards
· 2008 AFSPC Services Program Awards - Outdoor Recreation, Library Program, and Information, Tickets & Tours
· 2008 AFSPC Individual Services Awards: Civilian Technician - Monique Molina; Dr. Beverly Schmalzried Services Award - Candy Jones
· AFSPC 2007 Logistics Readiness Company Grade Officer of the Year - Capt. Brian Fariss
· AFSPC 2007 Civil Engineer Environmental Flight Award
· AFSPC 2007 Manpower Analyst - Daniel O'Niell
· AFSPC 2007 Security Forces NCO - Tech. Sgt. Shawn Rhude
· AFSPC 2007 Security Forces Airman - Airman 1st Class Michelle Armour
· AFSPC 2007 Security Forces Civilian Employee - Sharon Young
· AFSPC 2007 Team Excellence Award for Institutional Base Support Restructure (IBSR)
· AFSPC 2007 Senior Master Sgt. Gerald Stryzak Award for Outstanding Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight
· AFSPC 2007 Chief Master Sgt. Larry R. Daniels Award - Senior Master Sgt. James Clark
· AFRC 2007 Outstanding Civil Engineer Manager of the Year - Capt. Michelle Devoid
· AFSPC 2007 General Thomas D. White Environmental Award winners:
· Cultural Resources Management Award, Natural Resources Conservation Award & Restoration Award
· 14th Air Force Senior NCO of the Year - Master Sgt. George Price

It is a privilege to be associated with the great MSG team that keeps the mission going at both Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Go Tiger Sharks!