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Florida lemon law protections

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Is your car less than 24-months old? Did you purchase the vehicle or lease it for more than one year? Has the same defect on your vehicle been replaced three or more time? Or, in the alternative, has your vehicle been out of service for warranty repairs for 30 or more cumulative days?

If you answered yes to these questions, then Florida's Lemon Law may provide you with some relief. Manufacturers are required under the Lemon Law to buy back and give you a purchase price refund for a defective vehicle or give a replacement vehicle if it is unable to repair the defect after three attempts.

To take advantage of the protections under Florida's Lemon Law, it is critical that you notify the manufacturer of the defect. This means that an individual must first write the manufacturer, zone representative, or authorized dealer to notify them of the defect and give them the opportunity to cure. This writing should be sent via certified mail, with a return receipt requested, and include a statement that your car is a lemon and that you want a buy-back or replacement under the Lemon Law.

There are many resources available for consumers to assert their rights. More information is maintained by the Florida Attorney General's Office at and the Patrick AFB Legal Office at 321-494-7357.