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Upcoming inspection; continually assess, mission readiness

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Inspectors from Air Force Space Command are scheduled to conduct an on-site visit from March 9-13, at PAFB and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, to help the wing prepare for its Unit Effectiveness Inspection in December.

The inspection team will observe all aspects of the wing's preparations for the Atlas V Magnetospheric Multiscale launch scheduled March 12.  Inspectors will also assist the wing to uncover any areas of undetected non-compliance. 

"The goal for this visit is for every Airman to be aware of the wing's priorities, commitments, and how they tie in with the graded areas that serve as the basis for the Air Force Inspection System," said Lt. Col. Stephen Hunter, 45th Space Wing Inspector General.

This is part of the new Air Force Inspection System, which relies on each Airman to continually assess their compliance and mission readiness. Areas of non-compliance that the 45th Space Wing team hasn't already identified will be highlighted and carried over to the final grade on the wing's UEI.

"The 45th Space Wing is well positioned for the inspection with the wing priorities of: '100 percent mission success, ignite innovation and invest in people,'" Hunter said. "These are supported directly by a focus on the graded areas of executing the mission, improving the unit, leading people and managing resources.

"Although it's a significant change, it is important that each wing member understands that we no longer do inspection prep as we've done in the past," Hunter said. "Instead of making our mission secondary to inspection preparation for a couple months, every two years, we are now being inspected continually on how we do our mission, all of the time.  Each member is expected to be outstanding, every day."

Airmen should know how their daily job ties into the overall wing mission and to know if their area has any current deficiencies, self-identified, or otherwise; and what steps they are taking to solve those problems, according to Hunter. 

During the March 2015 inspection, 45th Space Wing team members can expect the inspection team to ask Team Patrick-Cape what they are doing to improve their unit. The AFSPC inspection team has the opportunity to see the wing perform at every aspect of the mission during the launch, to include seeing various units from around the wing perform their specific portion of the mission proceeding and following the launch.