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CPO named best in Air Force

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- A civilian member of Patrick AFB was recognized by the Air Force for her service in support of the 45th Space Wing's mission. 

Lyn Dixon, 45th Misssion Support Squadron chief of civilian personnel, was named CPO of the year April 27. 

As a CPO, Ms. Dixon advises senior leaders on policies governing civilian employees. 

Ms. Dixon credits her co-workers with helping her win her award. 

"I have a great staff, and that staff has helped me get this award. I couldn't have done it by myself," she said. 

That staff came in handy during the past year as the civilian personnel office made the year-long transition to the National Security Personnel System, which is designed to pay people for performance. 

Besides setting up the new system, Ms. Dixon and her staff faced the problem of communicating the changes to the workforce. 

This was solved using a variety of methods. Information was given out in newsletters, at commander's calls, town hall meetings, and in personal visits by Ms. Dixon to new commanders. 

"We really tried to bombard the workforce with information," said Ms. Dixon. 

"We are very blessed here at Patrick to be living and working with a superstar such as Ms. Dixon," said Maj. Matthew Wallace, 45th MSS commander, "as all levels have recognized that fact multiple times."