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AF Ball commemorates 60th anniversary

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- The Space Coast Community is invited to join Airmen from Patrick AFB and Cape Canaveral AFS to celebrate the Air Force's 60th Anniversary at the annual Air Force Ball, Sept. 22 at the Radisson at the Port in Port Canaveral. 

The guest speaker is Space Development and Test Wing Commander Col. Kevin McLaughlin. The master of ceremonies is Col. Mark Bontrager, 45th Mission Support Group commander. Music will be provided by the Air Force Reserve Generation band. 

Dress will be black tie (optional) for civilians and mess dress for military. Tickets go on sale Aug. 25 through Sept. 14. 

Patrick's Air Force Ball is one of many Air Force commemoratory activities occurring throughout the year, including major national events. The year-long commemoration began Oct. 14 with the dedication of the new Air Force Memorial. 

In an Air Force Print News article, Brig. Gen. Janet Therianos, director of the 60th Anniversary Office said, "This commemoration involves everything the Air Force is about. From the pioneers who paved the way, to the Airmen who now fight and support the global war on terrorism, to the future generations who are going to carry on after us, this historic time embraces the whole picture. It is our chance to honor our heritage and hope for the future." 

For more information about the Air Force's anniversary commemoration and a list of events, visit www.af.mil and select the Anniversary link. For more information about Patrick's Air Force Ball, military personnel can contact Lt. Col. Patrick Youngson at 476-2261. All others can call Chris Bailey at 543-3914.