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OSI agent a ‘Portrait in Courage’

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- A member of the Patrick detachment of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations has been recognized for his devotion to duty.

Special Agent Jac Christiansen was recently selected to be part of former Chief of Staff General T. Michael Moseley's "Portraits in Courage" program for his actions during a deployment to Iraq last year.

Agent Christiansen joined OSI in 2001. "I joined OSI because of my interest in Law Enforcement and because I despised criminal activity affecting Air Force personnel, be it military victims or military perpetrators," he recalled. "I felt OSI was an avenue I could take to help my fellow Airmen."

In February 2007, he was sent to Iraq on an "in-lieu-of" tasking. "[It] was a unique opportunity very few Air Force personnel get to experience," he said. "There was a great sense of accomplishment from the work I did."

Agent Christiansen was attached to a Marine Explosive Ordnance Disposal platoon conducting counter-Improvised Explosive Device missions. "Our number one mission is counter-intelligence, more so when we are overseas," he said.

According to his commendation letter, Agent Christiansen identified a previously unknown method of IED construction and targeting by insurgents, allowing combatant commanders to mitigate the threat. Despite receiving several injuries, he continued to go outside the wire every day to do his part to protect his fellow military brethren, by identifying, neutralizing and destroying IED's and weapons caches.

"When an OSI agent walks into an organization, most folks go the other way and want nothing to do with us," said Agent Christiansen. "But we are there to protect the Air Force and its greatest asset, people."

On five separate occasions the vehicle he was riding in was hit by roadside bombs. Each time, Agent Christiansen's first thoughts were for the other troops with him, performing first aid despite his own injuries and ongoing enemy fire. Only after ensuring the rest of the team was okay did he think of himself.

Because of his selfless actions, Agent Christiansen was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and the Combat Action Medal.

"I do not have to look far to see an exemplary example of the Air Force Core Values - Integrity, Service, Excellence - Agent Christiansen exhibits these traits every day," said Detachment Commander Special Agent Laura DeJong, "I am very proud of him for his accomplishments and honored to have him selected by the Chief of Staff to be recognized in this program."